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Hackathon in the news!

Contributed by jose on from the support-the-troops dept.

hellsh0k was one of many to write in with this story and link: "Imagine my surprise when I opened my newspaper this morning to find a rather large article about the OpenBSD hackathon, picture included, on the front page of the business section. While the article gets quite a few technical details wrong, I think it is great that OpenBSD is at least getting some sort of media recognition. Also, since the article is from CanWest News Service, there is a good chance that it will run in a lot of Canada's local and regional newspapers.

An online version is available here: Saskatoon Online " The other story people had contributed was this story from Calgary , which covers most of the same material. Looks like an interesting bit of press and some insight into how the hackathon is going.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

  2. By Dries Schellekens () on

    Still no pictures of c2k3?

    1. By Dries Schellekens () on

      hin@ has a place holder for some pictures of C2K3, but no pictures yet.

  3. By toni () on

    What is the Finnish pop group mentioned in the second article?

    1. By Daniel Hartmeier () on

      Elškelšiset, see

      (pictures going online as soon as people get home and can transfer their files)

  4. By waldo () on

    from the saskatoon article:
    "...created BSD, short for Berkeley Distribution Software."


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