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Reading the NT File System on OpenBSD

Contributed by jose on from the foreign-filesystems dept.

darren writes: " There was some talk some time about a port of FreeBSD's NTFS code to OpenBSD. I tried this at the time, and it did'nt work. Has anyone got any further.

Failing that, is there a workaround solution via dosemu or Linux emulation?

Regards" Actually, this is Markus Watts' port of an NTFS driver, and someone else has ported some NTFS code to OpenBSD, as well. Anyone have any comments on this code? Is it write safe, or just read safe at this time?

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  1. By pravus () on

    i cratered a machine by copying 2MB worth of NIC drivers to an NTFS partition using Linux's NTFS implementation. i don't know how stable newer implementations are, but i personally don't see myself using them any time soon.

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Great, anyone want to clean up this patch for 3.3-STABLE?

  3. By dawg () on

    without pamm/nss or a better alternative, an obsd/samba file server is still going to need local user/group security to get around the inability to apply group security groups to share acls. And that leads back to user/group replication to make things seemless to winblows clients.

    Not sure if you gain a tremendous amount with the ntfs functionality by itself- to each his own.

    1. By alias_51 () on

      I think it's more useful to people who dual boot OpenBSD with Windows NT/2k/XP. It's nice to not use FAT if you don't have to, and most people who dual boot have files they would like to share between Windows and OpenBSD (mp3s come to mind).

  4. By Condor () on

    Do you any body can confirm that compiled this code sucessful to obsd 3.3 stable? If compile it, say how to compile.

    1. By tedu () on

      other than PDIRUNLOCK changes, it should be good to go, but reverting that change isn't necessarily trivial.

  5. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Reading ain't the hard part. Writing is.

  6. By MMMM () on

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Here here.

      1. By Mark Beihoffer () mark aught dragonfly dash seven daught com on

        OpenBSD is quite sufficient for forensic analysis, and sometimes you gotta mount NTFS systems to collect evidence.

      2. By John M. () on

        Why bother? Do you think it has anything to do with windows based machines being the most widely distributed end user OS in the world? hmm.. In the land of perfect, we wouldn't need to be able to read NTFS file systems but as the commercial says we don't live anywhere near perfect.


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