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Securing Small Networks with OpenBSD: Changes in pf: More on NAT

Contributed by jose on from the jacek's-corner dept.

In the latest Securing Small Networks with OpenBSD , Jacek writes about some of the new NAT features in PF . He gives several good recipes and ideas, and explores some of the more interesting things you can do with inbound NAT. Worth a read, and thanks again Jacek!

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  1. By janus () on

    ...just like those strange iptables-scripts *sigh*
    I think in pf this many macros doesn't really make sense. In many cases its ok, but this is _really_ awfull.
    But anyhow, it's a nice example for anyone who doesn't likes to read the manpage.

    1. By Matt () on

      I agree, this is one case where macros really don't make the task any easier. They do make it painfully obvious what he is doing (which was probably the point) but I doubt a newbie will be able to sort through all the cruft to figure out how to make his own ruleset.

      It's always good to have something new to read I guess.

      1. By janus () janus...errornet... on mailto:janus...errornet...

        > It's always good to have something new to read I guess.
        That's true in any case :)

  2. By hooha () none@nowhere.not on mailto:none@nowhere.not

    is when the OpenBSD Gazetteer will be released.
    My b-day is May 19, and I want to put it on my list :-D

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