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RedHat Linux compatibility package updated on OpenBSD-current

Contributed by jose on from the more-binaries-available dept. writes : "Jason Ish has updated the redhat/base OpenBSD port from RedHat 6.2 to RedHat 8.0 . The email note is a few days old, but the port seems to have been committed yesterday. So far he has tested with Opera and Netscape. If you run any Linux apps on OpenBSD, you are encouraged to test these commits and provide feedback. (Several people have reported success running Opera 6.12, Opera7 with some tweaks, and Netscape)." A few people I know using -current have been really pleased with how well this is working for them. They're able to use a few more software packages and really enjoy the results. Some people have reported some coredumps with Java, but others have had success. Try it out if you're on -current.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    -current is looking more and more worthwhile for my main box :)

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      You want to see something really cool? Manually upgrade libfreetype to the lastest available version (2.1.4) and compile Phoenix with Xft support. Lovely, perfect aliased fonts =) There appears to be major fixes in the new version of libfreetype (version 2.1.1 is is included with XF4.30 in current, and it just doesn't compare....)

      1. By francoisb () on

        hmm, phoenix work on -current, in ELF binary ?
        or a.out emulation ?

        1. By David Coppa () on

          Only with Marc Espie's a.out emulation patch.

          1. By francoisb () on

            Hmm, a.out emulation is not only for run an binary compiled on a old obsd running a.out ? and example on a i386/ELF you cant build an a.out binary ?

            ELF: can build mozilla/phoenix but you cant run it
            a.out emulation: cant build, can run
            a.out: can build and run

            1. By tedu () on

              i think you got that basically right. a.out compat is only for running existing apps. there's no way to compile them.

        2. By Anonymous Coward () on

          No, I expect not sorry. I was overtaken by enthusiasm =) I'm running from sources just prior to the shift to ELF (the day before). Phoenix may work with a.out emulation, but of course you won't be able to compile it on the post-ELF snapshot (for now..). However, upgrading libfreetype is still useful advice. It *finally* makes Xft usable, and delivers the crisp, clean, fonts I expect most people have been waiting for. (If I had a website, I post snapshots ... trust me, it is sweet!). The upgrade should work for 3.3 (and some earlier releases) however! I hope the OBSD developers become aware this fix, and merge the new version of freetype2 into -current soon!

  2. By toni () on

    I have the updated redhat-base port on OpenBSD 3.3 and am writing this with Linux Opera 7.10b1, looks great so far. The Opera 6.12 port also worked smoothly (used it to download Opera 7.10b1 .tar.gz, static qt). The fonts look great! And it's fast enough on a P200/96MB.

    1. By great () on

      perhaps we could run this pki solution ;)

      and install 802.1x with eap-TLS !

  3. By zoc () zoc at zajebancija dot net on mailto:zoc at zajebancija dot net

    If anyone cares i tired matlab 6.1 (comercial software used at many schools by students and profesors) and it almost works fine, there are some problems with gui, maybe some other too..
    If i run it using my gentoo on other partition it starts ok with -nodesktop option and prints some errors:
    ??? MATLAB was unable to open a pseudo-tty: Inappropriate ioctl for device [25,1]
    The unix() and ! commands will not work in this MATLAB session. Other
    commands which depend upon unix() and ! will also fail. Your system may
    be running low on resources. If the problem persists after a reboot,
    check with your system administrator and confirm that your pty subsystem
    is properly configured.

    If i try it on latest redhat port i have to start it with -nojvm and i don't get this message.
    Since i never used java it's ok for me..stil have one test to pass from nummath :-)
    Trick to start linux matlab on openbsd is to use -arch=glnx86 or change startup script.

    Also i tried phoenix 0.5 on my gentoo emul and it starts, i can browse files on my localdisk, but i can't connect anywhere on network (connection refused)..i think somone already reported this on misc@ or irc..

    And yes opera 6 works nice..running it now. (One crash so far, probbaly related to changing linux base in runtime..)

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      I had been thinking of trying Matlab ... but somehow I figured the Java part of it would cause trouble (and it slow, even under Windows...)


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