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Learning LDAP

Contributed by jose on from the available-tutorials dept.

Back in 2001, OnLamp ran a pair of articles about LDAP basics which are still useful for people who want to learn LDAP. LDAP makes a great storage place for key personelle information, and you can adjust the information exposed based on the client's location (ie internal or external). The first article appeared in 2001 and is entitled An Introduction to LDAP and was followed up by Getting Started with LDAP . Fast forward to 2003, and OnLamp has a new article on LDAP entitled Building an Address Book with OpenLDAP , which is available in the ports and packages tree. Combined with a nice OpenBSD web server, an OpenBSD LDAP server could be an interesting solution for your business or group's needs.

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  1. By Jason () on

    Too bad OpenBSD can't be an LDAP client so that I can authenticate users DIRECTLY with a directory server.

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      ..because there's no nsswitch()
      however there are several solutions for that. OpenBSD can do this, but you still need the entry in the normal /etc/*passwd way; that's not needed with nsswitch(). The util with which you can achieve this is called login_ldap. It used bsd_auth.

      Also i saw a NIS to LDAP gateway on earlier. That would also do the job i guess...

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