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OpenBSD 3.1 End of Life

Contributed by jose on from the time-to-upgrade dept.

With the introduction of 3.3 on May 1, the planned ending of support for OpenBSD-3.1 (its stable tree) is immenent:

List:     openbsd-announce
Subject:  OpenBSD 3.1 End Of Life
From:     Miod Vallat

Date:     2003-04-17 13:25:53

Hello folks,

  Due to the upcoming release of OpenBSD 3.3, the 3.1-STABLE branch will
be out of regular maintainance starting June 1st.  There will be NO
MORE fixes commited to this branch after this day.

  People relying on 3.1-STABLE (or older releases even) are strongly
advised to upgrade to a more recent release (preferrably 3.3 as it
becomes available on May 1st) as soon as possible.

So, upgrade if you can or you can attempt to support your own 3.1-stable tree for a bit longer. Note that the substantial number of improvements in 3.3 over 3.1 make it a worthwhile move. Just do some testing, schedule some downtime and move your servers over.

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  1. By Rob () on

    If, for example, OpenBSD were ever to receive a respected industry certification (eg. ITSEC, Common Criteria), could this policy be changed?

    These certifications are typically expensive and time consuming (many thousands of dollars and months of effort), I don't think anyone would be willing to go though this if the product was EOL 12 months after release.


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