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Contributed by jose on from the bits-and-pieces dept.

goony writes:
"Hi all, I've updated a collection of OpenBSD files... (see vpn configurations)

Sorry, at this moment some are only in italian language. If you want to collaborate with the site or comment something, you're the welcome! Maybe (sure) you'll have some to share, too.

Thanks all. goony"

Maybe someone can prepare a translated version for English and maybe some other languages and merge it in with other OpenBSD documentation.

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  1. By janus () janus ... errornet ... de on

    Really nice configs, the only thing i'm missing is freeswan-isakmpd net-net.
    Good examples, plain and easy to understand. Thanks for this.

  2. By sickness () on

    Always useful docs!
    I will add my "vademecum" as soon as possible ;)

  3. By sickness () s i c k n e s s AT s i c k n e s s DOT i t on

    Always useful docs!
    I will add my "vademecum" as soon as possible ;)

  4. By Krunch () on

    I can't find the post but I think I already saw that link here.

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