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XFree86 4.3.0 has been imported to OpenBSD -current

Contributed by jose on from the mammoth-commit-logs dept.

thugwar writes:
"Good news for everyone... XFree86 4.3.0 has finally been imported to OpenBSD -current tree. This is what I've been waiting for because my video card for my laptop (SiS 650) only supported to XFree86 4.3.0, Here, I have a link to see the log.. I couldn't find the link for the archive, but the cvsweb.. so here ya go:

Happy X-Windows-ing !! :)"

Yep! Thanks, Matthieu Herrb, for the addition and tweaking (fixing conflicts and stuff). This has got to be one of the largest commit messages I have seen in a while.

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  1. By Noob () on

    I was waiting for some features in 4.3.0
    This just makes my day!

    Thanks again.

  2. By thugwar () on

    is anyone using SiS 650 though? This is probably the first time I use X Windows in 2 years, and I just got this laptop a few months ago. The quality I have now kinda sucks.. is there any of you have some comments? or tips? FYI, my laptop is Acer TravelMate 270 series (274)
    Thanks ;)

    1. By RC () on

      SIS video isn't a problem at all, as long as you don't mind recompiling X.

      Download the source for the SIS drivers, untar the files, then copy them to the correct folder in the XF4 source tree and build.

      1. By tedu () on

        don't have a sis to test, but one cool thing about X is the linker they use. you should be able to use the linux compiled driver without trouble on openbsd. i know this works for the ati gatos drivers at least.

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    anyone know when we're likely to see update X snapshots on the ftp server ?

    1. By Noob () on

      That is a good question. I'm thinking probably not until after the OpenBSD 3.3 release maybe. The XFree86 4.3.0 wasn't checked into the OPENBSD_3_3_BASE.

      You could always try compiling it yourself from a CVS current checkout. The man page release(8) has instructions on building that I think.

  4. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Cool, my home mobo has onboard video that wasn't supported in 4.20 but is in 4.30. I already bought an ATI card a few weeks ago - I new this was coming up post 3.3 but couldn't wait for X. Still, i have an extra monitor floating around so i'm cvs'ing the new XF4.

    One other thing i've heard will be coming up soon is elf for i386. Anyone care to explain with details/examples what this will mean wrt OpenBSD? I've read some stuff online about the diff between a.out and elf, but i'd like to know, specifically for OpenBSD, what elf will provide, what we'll notice different, what an admin and what a user can expect. Thanks!

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      It will make it possible to maintain binutils and gcc in OpenBSD in the future.

  5. By jolan () on

    Happy X-Windows-ing !! :)

    No, Happy X-Window Systeming!

  6. By earx () on

    now i could put obsd on my station at work :-p

  7. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Does this version of XFree86 include the privilege separation recently put into OpenBSD?

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Of course

  8. By Those who know me have no need of a real name () on

    "Happy X-Windows-ing !! :)"

    a) it's "X-Window" not "X-Windows"
    b) you plenk (space before punctuation where unneeded)
    c) multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      a) actually it's "X Window System", so i see nothing wrong if he invented X-Windows-ing" ..could also be "X-Window-System-ing" but it's too long or just X-ing would be cool.


    2. By Anonymous Coward () on


      c) who gives a fuck

    3. By Noob () on

      You can call it whatever you like, as long as it compiles and does the job I'm happy. ;-)

      Has anyone called it X windowz yet? lol
      Windows 10 lol

  9. By STeve Andre' () on

    I updated my XF4 src tree to 4.3.0 and it compiled and runs just fine on my ThinkPad A31p. KDE does not work however, complainging about a call to QT.

    So, the latest X seems to be working well, but KDE (the version from the Mar 22 packages) won't work with it. As I have time I'll try compiling the KDE/qt world myself and see what that does.

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Recompile KDE... it works fine.

      GTK+ is broken. It'll need an update

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        Erm, I mean GTK+2

      2. By STeve Andre' () on

        Well, thats an explaination as to why things failed...

  10. By schoenhd () on

    xfree 4.3.0 works fine on my laptop (toshiba satellite 2100 pro with nvidia geforce 4 420 go).
    but i have a problem with the apm standby mode. the machine goes into the standby mode, but if it return my screen switches to 640x480. my normal resolution is 1024x768. with [strg]+[alt]+[f1] and after that [strg]+[alt]+[f5] my screen switches back to 1024x768.
    does anyone has a idea what the problem can be?

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