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Mozilla 1.3 for 3.3/-current

Contributed by jose on from the bloated-and-slow dept.

aki writes:
"Mozilla 1.3 statically compiled as a package and compile instructions here: New package includes mail, IRC, the works! (as of 3/26).

Site is linked from the main mozilla site: and an older packages is downloadable via

This is posted with Mozilla 1.3."

And this is posted with Mozilla 1.3 on my end, too. It works, it's just slow. And missing a few features I would have loved to have had (such as SVG). But, this is a lot more stable than Netscape 4.7 has been, just a lot slower.

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  1. By Aldo () on

    Sigh. I've still had no luck compiling Mozilla with Xft on 3.2... So Mozilla works, but is a damn eyesore to look at.

  2. By schubert () on

    This is the same situation 6 months ago, even the original instructions for compiling mozilla statically haven't changed.

    1. By schubert () on

      Er wait actually yes I forgot to mention that to compile it on 3.3 you do need to disable propolice. I documented that all at

      1. By jolan () on

        it has worked fine with propolice since december 26th.

        1. By RC () on

          Actually, I've just compiled Mozilla 1.2.1 on 3.3, and several times ran into a problem. Maybe it's because of one of Mozilla's bugs (causing a stack overflow), but it looks like proprolice is causing a Mozilla to Abort in some situations.

          1. By jolan () on

            can you paste the lines from the propolice log..?

    2. By george () on

      1. Now it is Mozilla 1.3
      2....Now links to a static build
      3. OpenBSD is in the top ten for bug fixes.

      George (working on Phoenix for OBSD)

      1. By almeida () on

        George (working on Phoenix for OBSD)

        That's outstanding. Got a URL with more information?

        1. By jolan () on

          It works statically, just like Mozilla...

    3. By Anonymous Coward () on


      6 months? Well, good thing in a few weeks a switch to ELF for x86 will likely kill this on the one platform that has a kludge workaround.

      5th anniversary for Mozilla eh? I see that they've really developed a great reputation in that time [just look at all the work they're doing to get OpenBSD working as a target platform, when the bug is even now as high as #10].

      Here's hoping that konq improves or something.

      1. By RC () on

        Konq isn't bad (actual Konq, not Konq-embedded).

        The only problem is that you have to have just about an entire KDE install just to run a frickin browser.

        I've considered either:
        1) Compiling it statically, and distributing a relatively small Konq package
        2) Figuring out the exact files Konq NEEDS for compilation/operation, and making a package/port that contains only those.

        I've decided against doing it up to now since I'm not a user of QT, I'm not a fan of GPLd software, and I like the Netscape-style interface. So, for license, toolkit, and interface reasons, I'll just stick with Mozilla and safe myself some effort.

    4. By Anonymous Coward () on

      too late for 1 april fools

  3. By Dan Weeks () on

    Slow? hmm, it's not that slow on my system. If you want slow you should try Mozilla on my SGI Octane at work (at first I thought it was a debug build, but no, it's just butt slow).

  4. By CMF () 4cfuhrman4 at 4spamcop4 dot 4net4 on mailto:4cfuhrman4 at 4spamcop4 dot 4net4

    Got it to compile under OpenBSD 3.2 although had to make one change to the second patch file. Switched the linking flag from -lpthread to -pthread and everything seemed to work. Mozilla ran a little klunky (heck, it runs klunky on a 1.2 GHz Athlon running Redhat 7.3!) but seemed stable and pages rendered very nicely.

  5. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Compiling Phoenix from latest mozilla cvs tree makes a faster browser (you get none of the irc/mail nonsense, its just a browser).

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      that works on obsd now? last time we checked it didn't even compile.

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        Yes, its been working fine for me for a few months now.

    2. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Your walkthrough does not work. Just like last time I tried this god-forsaken browser...

      Creating .deps
      ../../config/nsinstall -R -m 644 InstallCleanupDefines.h ../../dist/include/xpinstall
      perl -I../../config ../../config/ ../../dist/include/xpinstall/.headerlist InstallCleanupDefines.h
      gmake[4]: Leaving directory `/root/mozilla/xpinstall/cleanup'
      gmake[3]: Leaving directory `/root/mozilla/xpinstall'
      gmake[3]: Entering directory `/root/mozilla/l10n'
      gmake[4]: Entering directory `/root/mozilla/l10n/langpacks'
      gmake[4]: Nothing to be done for `export'.
      gmake[4]: Leaving directory `/root/mozilla/l10n/langpacks'
      gmake[3]: Leaving directory `/root/mozilla/l10n'
      gmake[3]: Entering directory `/root/mozilla/toolkit'
      gmake[3]: *** No rule to make target `export'. Stop.
      gmake[3]: Leaving directory `/root/mozilla/toolkit'
      gmake[2]: *** [tier_9] Error 2
      gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/root/mozilla'
      gmake[1]: *** [default] Error 2
      gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/root/mozilla'
      gmake: *** [build] Error 2

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    2. By RC () on

      Yikes! You have to have Mozilla installed as well, just to use Phoenix? That's pretty nasty.

  7. By Benny Siegerrt () on

    Nice to see that there is at least a static port of Mozilla. But it it for i386 only, or does it also run on ELF architectures (like macppc)? I'll be stuck with Konqueror-Embedded in the meantime ...


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