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IPv4 Support Dropped

Contributed by jose on from the forward-looking-standards dept.

Now that 3.3-release is cut, several new advances in OpenBSD can be folded in. Among them is the removal of IPv4 networking in favor of an IPv6 only stack. Said Todd Fries, who is working hard on the removal of the tightly integrated IPv4 code, "It is too hard to get IPv4 addresses, we're switching to IPv6 tomorrow."

OpenBSD leads the way yet again, this time being one of the first widely available, general purpose operating systems which can deal with tomorrow's world today. Recall that OpenBSD was quick to integrate the KAME IPv6 stack, now we're totally leading the pack on tomorrow's networking standard.
UPDATE "the thing is, i'm not joking :-)" said Itojun .

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  1. By StatiK76 () on

    this doesn't look good.


    1. By StatiK76 () on

      ok - I'm the first fool. Forgetting there are other timezones. ** sigh **

  2. By sld () on

    Why drop ipv4 completely, when the rest of the internet isnt even widely using it? For example, if you were to go to in a web browser, it would resolve to an ipv4 address, not 6.

    1. By Sam () on

      Well, Duh.

  3. By jose () on

    this was a todd fries joke. kudos to todd, and a huge thanks to itojun for the perfect quote. thanks!

    1. By mirabile () root@[2001:618:4:137f::222] on

      Wait... that was a joke?
      I was actually going to commit this as well as
      the German (I'm German, remember) OpenIPF diffs,
      to MirBSD.

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