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OpenBSD 3.3 Available for Pre-Order

Contributed by jose on from the gettin-ready-for-release! dept.

jolan was one of a few to write:
"Continuing down the path of evolutionary development, release time for OpenBSD 3.3 grows near. Pre-orders of CD sets are now being accepted and new t-shirt designs are up. If CD sets and t-shirts don't tickle your fancy, please consider making a donation . Every bit helps as DARPA funding does not cover everything and will not last forever."
I'm running 3.3-beta and finding it stable, feature rich, and a welcome step in the evolutionary process. Get yours right away!
UPDATE : The direct links to order are up now, for international orders use: and for European orders, use . Also, there are new OpenSSH tshirts . The poster for 3.3 is also now available. Thanks Wim.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Puff's eyebrows and expression reminds me more of James Earl Jones than Arnold.

    Puff, what is best in sys admin?
    To crush your script kiddies, see them coredump before you, hear the stack protector warnings of their failed overflows.

    Oh, and 3.3-beta has been great so far. Stack protection, pf wonders, new/improved drivers and ports, etc etc.

    1. By Noob () on

      OMG! That was too funny!!!
      Now the people at my work are starting to wonder why I'm not working, OH NO!!!

  2. By deekayen () on

    Announcements of 3.3 pre-ordering everywhere but on the order page. Sigh.

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      yeah... someone obviously forgot to update the order page ;)

      I want one, and I want it now ;)

  3. By Jedi/Sector One () on

    Is it the final cover artwork?

    While the artwork was very cute on previous releases, that one is a bit disappointing. Puffy doesn't look nice. He looks like a bad guy, not like a defender.

    1. By Petr () on

      I like the new Puffy, however I didn't like Puffy as James Bond. It is matter of preference, everyone has his own taste and preferences.

      1. By knomevol () on

        this is one of the things i look forward to on every release - the verbal-exchange over the release graphics. it happens every time.

        if history is an indicator, there will be no leeway on graphics, what you see is what you get. the "cartoonist" (the rat (tee-hee)) does not take direction on the subject, but rather, as is an artist's wont, applies what he alone feels, in his netherworld imagination, to the paper. or so it would seem.

  4. By earx () on

    and the books ?

  5. By RC () on

    Damn! It says that the Alpha architecture is no longer included on the CDs!!! I'm stunned...

    Oh well, what else can I say? 3.2 was the first release that I bought, and now, I suppose it's going to be the last.

    1. By Jedi/Sector One () on

      Yes, there are probably more OpenBSD freaks with Alpha-based architectures than Vaxen, so removing Alpha support on CDs while leaving the Vax version is a bit questionnable.

    2. By netchan () on

      I buy it for the stickers...ehhm supporting the project. I'll use ftp install, anyway.


      1. By RC () on

        I wasn't a fan of the stickers, so I don't understand the draw.

        I would use FTP-install as well, but the built-in network card in my 500au just BARELY works... To be more specific, it works, but it performs worse than a serial port... By the time OpenBSD has finished installing, the keyboard is usually locked-up.

        If the boot floppies supported any other NIC other than the built-in, I would be happy, but alas, none. I mean, the "dc" driver can't be all that different than the "de" driver, and Linksys' LNE100s based on the "dc" chip perform incredibly, and are dirt cheap ($10), and most importantly... available.

        The question I have to ask myself... will it be easier to create my own boot floppy with support for other NICs, or easier to figure out what magical incantation is needed to make an Alpha CD bootable?

        1. By Anonymous Coward () on

          This probably isn't what you want to hear, but I used to run OpenBSD on my miata 600au. However, due to problems with the nic (specifically regarding 802.1q vlan tags), I ended up switching that box to NetBSD. It has been working fine since. Oddly enough, NetBSD didn't support the vlan tags on the nic that openbsd did, but it did on the built-in nic :)..

        2. By Anonymous Coward () on

          3.2 had a 4th cd to, and you can download the ISO image.
          So I suppose 3.3 will be no different, and that you can just download the 4th cd's ISO, burn it on a cd, and boot your alpha with it ;)

          1. By RC () on

            ISOs are not being made available... As of 3.1, the m68k ISO was released, but nothing for 3.2, and Theo has stated that it's too much work for something that's not popular. I certainly hope the removal of Alpha changes that attitude, but I'm not very optomistic about it.

          2. By Henning () on

            no, there will be no CD4 ISO. it's too much pain to create it for too little gain.
            HOWEVER, we have ISOs for each architecture supporting CD boots now, that only carry the boot image, i. e. no sets. This includes alpha. So you will just fetch pub/OpenBSD/3.3/alpha/cd33.iso and burn that to a CD ;-)

            1. By panda () on

              so basically, boot with cd33.iso,
              then insert burnt distribution,
              i hope this won't mean a severe drop in cd sales.

            2. By RC () on

              Great to hear that! The floppy situation is more of a PITA every day.

        3. By Henning () on

          boot -c and "disable de*" in ukc>. Using the dc driver the 21143 the onboard-NIC in the 500au works fine. In fact, a 500au is my lpha hacking machine ;-)

          1. By RC () on

            Well, I don't believe that the dc driver is available on the boot floppy... According to none of the floppies support any NIC other than the de.

    3. By AC () on

      NOONE makes cds for alpha anymore

      1. By Gimlet () on

        : NOONE makes cds for alpha anymore

        Precisely why he's upset. ;)

        I'm (pleasantly) surprised the sparc distro keeps going and going. Guess it shows how many old Sun4c and Sun4m boxen were sold and are still kicking.

        I guess VAX still has a mystique? Either that or the developers really enjoy coding for it...

    4. By Henning () on

      Yes, we decided to leave alpha off the CDs. That was no easy decision.
      Well, in fact, we see alpha hardware dieing - both in terms of no new hardware (basically), and, more serious, in our development boxes dieing, more and more. This leads us to the assumption that the alphas in our userbase are dieeing too, and thus, the userbase for alpha shrinks.
      On the other hand, leaving alpha off CD1, we have space for far more packages for i386, and we believe that this is more important for the majority of our userbase.

      OpenBSD/alpha 3.3 will still be available via ftp - as well as mac68k, mvme68k, hp300 etc

      1. By Dries Schellekens () on

        So why not leave out vax and keep alpha?

        1. By Anonymous Coward () on

          May be for historical reasons, since VAX was the second platform that could run BSD Unix?

      2. By RC () on

        But certainly OpenBSD/Alpha must be more popular than either Vax (by a long shot) or even possibly sparc (not sparc64, just sparc).

        As for packages, I am surprised. I would expect most OpenBSD users use the ports system, rather than binary packages.

        Besides, how big is the Alpha distro? About 100MB last I downloaded it. Using "bzip2 -9", rather than gzip would probably yeild about that much extra space on a CD (which would then be used for more i386 and VAX packages no doubt).

        1. By Henning () on

          no, most users do not want to compile stuff like KDE themselves. Our userbase benefits from the packages on the CDs, that has been clear in the past.

          VAX will saty on CD, because, well, because it is VAX. Wether alpha is more popular than VAX when we talk about OpenBSD... I'm not sure. sparc is certainly much much much more popular than alpha. I bet it's the 3rd or 4th in installations - i386 1st, then probably macppc, and sparc might very well come before sparc64. perhaps even macppc.

          using bzip is out of question. that has been made clear, go read list archoves for explanations.

    5. By Anonymous Coward () on

      NetBSD supports Alpha just fine.

      1. By Dries Schellekens () on

        So?! OpenBSD supports Alpha just fine too. I've been running it from 3.0 till 3.3-current. I never had any problems with it.

  6. By Anonymous Coward () on


  7. By Jim () on

    I just clicked on over to and choose the Secure Web Ordering Form for North America and find that 3.3 is not an available option for purchase. Someone update that page so I can give you money! Please?

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Be patient. Bob Beck is rather slow when he has to update the order pages.

  8. By almeida () on

    Anyone know if there will be a song with this release?

    1. By stephan () on

      i hope so.

    2. By Eric Wayte () on

      Nothing new on (yet)

    3. By anonymous shiken coward :P () on

      No this time U will have a 3.3 release with a hole chrod sinphony in B Flat ... :)

    4. By jolan () on

      It says there will be an audio track on the 2nd cd.

    5. By Henning () on

      yes, there is a song, and it is really really cool.

  9. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Does anyone know about the "Significant improvements to the pthread library" in 3.3? I've had some trouble in the past with pthreads in wxWindows 2.4 on OpenBSD 3.2 and was just wondering if anyone knows if these changes are related to stability, standards conformance, performance, etc. Thanks.

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on is your friend?

    2. By jolan () on

      just wondering if anyone knows if these changes are related to stability, standards conformance, performance, etc.

      all of the above

    3. By Henning () on

      all of that.
      marc@ improved threads incredibly.

  10. By zil0g () on

    puffy the barbarian, what next, Superman or Sherlock Holmes?

    So whatever happened to the redhead shirt now? :)

    in the words of Conan: AAAAAAAAARRRRH!

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      > puffy the barbarian, what next, Superman or Sherlock Holmes?

      I hope it will be The Terminator.


      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        puffy will be back *g*

  11. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Now that the artwork is getting better all the time, how about also making the logo text matching the style of the artwork? That /Open/BSD 3.3 just looks quite boring on that poster.

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