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Bryan Irvine writes:
"For awhile I've considered starting my own user group in the Seattle area devoted to OpenBSD. I want the group to focus on all things OpenBSD.

OpenBSD on the desktop, installing things via ports, and most of all, pf/altq firewalling.

I envision a once a month meeting place for local OBSD fans, as well as the one stop shop for people around the world to grab code for their pf filtering solutions and to read up on ways to block potential attacks. I think there is no better Operating System for this than OBSD, and want to spread the word.

So far I have some ideas in my head as to what to do. I've considered the name SNOB/S Seattle Networks OpenBsd/Security.

Would anyone in the Seattle are who's interested please contact me via email:, please put "SNOBS" in the subject line to it's easy to filter."

Anyone else doing local BSD user groups? I know of a few in some more metropolitan areas, and they seem to be doing some interesting things collectively. Any others out there doing this?

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  1. By grey () on

    Heh, I love the name.

    There are definitely others; in the San Francisco bay area, there's SFOBUG (

    Also, check:

    Though I know that the group has been gone for a _long_ time now (three years?).

    Also, if you do run a group [or no longer do] submit diffs for the /groups.html page so that others can be made aware as well!

    1. By Bryan Irvine () on

      I've looked at sfobug and I really like their model. I have indeed looked at the OBSD groups page, and it seems out of date. The BSD group listed for tacoma no longer resolves. :-/

      I think I can come up with a meeting place. I'll ahve to check with my work.


    2. By oversize () on

      Hi ...
      i m not doing one, but hope there will be one in Frankfurt (where i live close to) again.
      See The webpresence is now being rebuild for more then 3 Months, and i hope it will be done soon. Maybe a Member of Frankfurtbsd reads this *g* and says:" We should get that page done!"

      best regards

      1. By stephan () on

        i wish there was an OpenBSD UG anywhere around here....

        but i doubt it :(

        1. By Anonymous Coward () on

          Start one.

          Get a few friends together, and chat about OpenBSD. If you don't have enough friends, start a generic BSD group, ...... Unix group, ....... Computer group, and if you don't have enough people for a computer group, I'd give up ;-).

          1. By stephan () on

            If you don't have enough friends, hit! 1 point for you if you don't have enough people for a computer group, next hit! you won. ;) i think i gave up before i started. but i dont know any person in my neighbourhood yet that uses OpenBSD.... not even linux. thanks for your advice tho :)

  2. By click46 () on

    I've tried to get a socal bsd users group going to no avail. I attracted the interest of about three people. And since I've been laid off from the place that I had planned to host it at, I've got no where to host it either! the socal wireless users group, however, seems to be doing great . Maybe I'll have to drop those guys a line to see what their secret is...

    1. By pixelfairy () on mailto:pixel [shift + 2] not photoshop ORG(y)

      im in southern california, email me. there is a bsd users group somewhere around here, and lots of linux users groups that bsd users go to as well.

    2. By Anonymous Coward () on

      You guys might want to check out:

      There's actually a very active security-minded community down in San Diego at least.

  3. By bsdguy () on

    What happen to the Phoenix, AZ BSD group?


    1. By marco () on

      i had, but, when i was ready to get going with it, i got a new job which occupied almost all of my time. the domain reg has since lapsed.

      now that things have been a little more consistent, i may re-reg the domain and get started on it.


      1. By Chris Jensen () on

        Please do. I've been to the local PLUG, but I just don't have the interest in Linux that I do in OBSD.

  4. By Matt () on

    There is a security related group in the Washington DC area, and while it is not specifically geared towards OpenBSD, I know many of it's members are obsd users.

    Check it out here:

    There is a meeting in about 2 weeks too just in case you want to check it out.

    1. By Jason L. Wright () on

      Heck, some of the folks who show up to DC securitygeeks have write access ;)

  5. By elmore () on

    1. By elmore () on

      Sorry, I hate it when my hand freaks out like that.

      I was going to say that I'd love to have an OBSD user group in Atlanta Ga. however to the best of my knowledge there isn't one. I've debated on starting one up myself however I find that I have little time that I could devote to getting a new group started and off the ground. Anyone out there in Atlanta willing to work together in getting an OBSD user group started?

  6. By coldie () on

    any obsd users in the pgh area interested?

    1. By Mike () on

      I know of one [me]. I know of an ISP / Colo in the East End that uses FreeBSD exclusively. I know someone who has an OpenBSD box with over 3 years of uptime (mostly due to his Sears Diehard powered UPS).

      My company uses OpenBSD for VPN / pf / DNS / DHCP (hey, its a pentium 90).

    2. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Well, I live on the far, far east side of Cleveland (about 25 minutes from the PA border) and I would come to Pittsburgh for an OBSD group...

    3. By jms () on

      i tinker with openbsd in my spare time, pretty casual , mostly as a hobby, i only get the opportunities to do fun stuff during the summer when i'm not so busy

      nonetheless, i would attend a user meeting in pittsburgh if we could find a good location.

      send me an email:

    4. By ch () on

      Been using FreeBSD as primary Desktop/Server for @ a year, slowly looking to OBSD for settign up security at a few small companies.

      Still havent made it to the geek night at the foundry.

    5. By seele () on

      yeah sure.. why not? when do you plan on getting this shindig on?

    6. By pgh bsd user () on

      I registered and setup
      let me know if you're interested...

  7. By Anonymous Coward () on

    i don't suppose anyone wants to start a bsd user group in Austin,tx. The lug's are somehow becoming lamer as they give talks on "the use of gaim" for example...

    1. By Jeff () on

      Yo, I'm here in Austin and would be interested in a bsd user group. I don't know anybody else around that uses OpenBSD though, so I wouldn't be usefull for recruiting.


      1. By keith () on

        I'm a linux junkie, but i'm new in austin, interested in BSD, and wouldn't mind meeting people in any case. Please CC me at if you get anything started.

    2. By Anonymous Coward () on

      One would think that Austin would be a prime area for such interests. Not only are there a lot of tech companies, but the huge university, and more alternative mindset of the area.

      Definitely ditch the LUG's if they're doing spiels on gaim. At least your group could report on silc [] or, if you are challenged for meeting times - or even to those who are challenged to find others interested in OpenBSD in their locales - you could use silc as a forum. There are already quite a few folks out there, though perhaps no longer part of the main silcnet...

    3. By Chris () on

      I live in Houston now, but in two years i should be going to UT (if i make it, i probably will). So count me in if you want to start one... if i can be of any help even if i can't be there contact me at dragonzdc(at)


  8. By ME () on

    Are there any *BSD grps in the Lafayette, La area?

    I am relatively new to the area and to the OS, but so far ........ I luv it.

    'I don't mean to offend. I offend to mean.'

    1. By Devilbunny () on

      I'm in Jackson, MS, and I'm probably about as close as you'll get (though there very well might be one in Baton Rouge).

      No group here, obviously. What there was of a tech community here died with Worldcom.

  9. By Anonymous Coward () on

    was stfu taken?

  10. By Scott J () on

    In Toronto there is GTABUG, the Greater Toronto Area BSD user's group. It's not strictly OpenBSD but a fair percentage are fans of OBSD (myself included). There are regular meets, usually once a month and also installfests. Remove the DNS-illegal characters and visit the site if you are interested, it's at _www_._gtabug_._ca_ The group also has an active mailing list open to all.

  11. By ann onymous () on

    London UK anyone??

    1. By Will () will_macdonald@hotmail.moc on mailto:will_macdonald@hotmail.moc

      I live in north London and know a few OBSD users.

      Where abouts are you ?

  12. By Chris Hedemark () on

    For those of you in the Triangle area of North Carolina, there are two good groups:

    TriBUG ( ) - Triangle BSD Users Group. This is a newer group, not well organized, no appearance of regular meetings or formal structure. But they do get together for beer when the fancy strikes.

    TriLUG ( - Triangle Linux Users Group. Don't let the name fool you; their charter welcomes all free software and there are a number of *BSD enthusiasts in this group that aren't involved with the other group. TriLUG is a more mature group, with a formal structure, steering committee, regular meetings, etc.

    The two groups have quite a different feel from one another so give them both a try.

  13. By Chris Hedemark () on

    I live south of Philadelphia in Delaware County and have already found a couple of other *BSD users in the area. Feel free to drop me a line if you'd like to have DelCo area get togethers.

  14. By Craig Buchek () on

    We've got a BSD group in St. Louis: They don't hold regular meetings, but they have had several formal meetings. They can also be found circulating at local UNIX and Linux user group meetings, of which there are many:

  15. By ubiquitin () on

    Would be nice to get something happening regularly. You might check out:

  16. By Jacek Artymiak () on

    There's a partial listing of BSD user groups here . If you have more info, let us know.

  17. By James () on

    Hi any other OpenBSD users in Southern MN? I'm in Mankato and would love to see an OpenBSD or even a BSD users groups get going around here!

    1. By Mark Beihoffer () mark atsign on

      I'm in Minneapolis, and have several OpenBSD deployments around town here for the businesses I support... Mankato's kind of a hike but it'd be fun to see some other users.

  18. By Alan P. Laudicina () on

    We have a UNIX group here in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. We cover *BSD, Solaris, IRIX, Linux, etc. We're always looking for new members, and members usually get goodies at our meetings. Check us out

  19. By Jason Morefield () on

    I live in the South Puget Sound area and am all for it!! Don't know what I can do to help but I'd love to see this become a reality!!

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