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Delayed pictures of LinuxForum 2003 with Daniel Hartmeier

Contributed by jose on from the filtering-packets dept.

Martin Reindl writes:
"There already was a story about LinuxForum 2003 in Copenhagen, and yes, some of us made it there with a camera. So if you want to see pictures of this rather small event and Daniel Hartmeier giving his talk about pf, check out: As always on this kind of events, fun, beer, and free software."
And then someone else reminded us of the URL for the presentation itself Daniel presented:
""Design and Performance of the OpenBSD Stateful Packet Filter (pf)"

A webcast of a presentation by Daniel Hartmeier, the original author of PF.

Video stream.

Covers PF, ALTQ integration, performance, as well as other new features recently announced.

Video stream requires RealPlayer. Slides are shown next to video stream. Duration: 50 minutes 01/03/2003 "

Try and have a look if you can.
UPDATE : Fixed up the URL to the presentation, thanks Will.

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  1. By Will () on

  2. By AC () on

    Wow! What a set of pictures. From the pictures
    it looks like Daniel is certainly a new superstar
    in the opensource movement, sitting on the floor
    with his laptop, makeing new developments.

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    There already was a story about LinuxForum 2003 in Copenhagen... Excuse me, but I can't remember any such story. A search for "Copenhagen" only turns up this story. I would have liked to have known about it in advance though, as I would have likely attended.

    1. By jose () on

      i ran this a few days ago:

    2. By Xavier Santolaria () on as well as on the events page (

  4. By Michael Anuzis () on

    Groan, not real player!

    Isn't there anything else we can use besides Real Player to play .ram ?? Real Player is the #1 most annoying piece of software I've ever seen as far as shoving advertizements/mailing lists in your face during installation, and assuming you want it to mess with and change tons of things you want to be left alone.

    If only there was some other way --Michael

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Agreed. I am completely amazed real-media was the chosen format.

    2. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Remember that Real Player was one of the first streaming media players that you could use over a modem. They've been clinging to that lead ever since.

      I think it'll be a long time before they die.

    3. By jimi_goodmojo () on

      I did a search on google for "Real Player is the Devil" just to see if anyone else feels exactly the way I do.

      4 exact matches. I feel better now.

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