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mod_frontpage_mirfak, using a DSO module rather than compiled in

Contributed by jose on from the windows-support dept.

Paul Pruett writes:

To the community, here are some notes for using Mirfak to reimplement mod_frontpage and a test port and i386 package that installs the extensions from Microsoft automatically by using pax during the build to archive the files the port make untarred from fp50.bsdi.tar.z and the the pkg/INSTALL script takes the pax and unarchives after the package install and then changes permissions. This may or may not be ideal, but seems to work.

This approach avoids having to do the fp-patch to apache, but the down side of the approach is having to use setuid.

As the layout is now, you would have to use the "-u" option of httpd.

I hope by posting here, some can benefit, and perhaps generate some discussion and thoughts on the merrit of modifying the test port so that it could run with httpd chrooted, w/o -u, and any perceived licensing issues.

The port implements "

Have a look at this and see if it works for your FrontPage needs, but see if you can get it supported in a chroot environment.

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  1. By kp () on

    it's difficult to be a full service hosting company without offering the dreaded FP extensions. it'd be really cool if it were easier to build an OpenBSD box to take care of those pesky fee-paying clients. thanks for pushing along on those lines, i hope the mirfak gains more steam.

  2. By Paul Pruett () on

    general musings about Frontpage support on OpenBSD...

    Of note, FrontPage 2002 was generally not in M$Office XP Office package and sold separately,
    but appears looking at the beta for MSOffice2003 that it maybe again be actively included in Office2003 packaging. There are notes about how if using a MS2003server you can even build Extensible Markup Language (XML) ... yada yada yada ... I hope the apache-fp for 2003 will support a lot of this, else it I would discourage fp client use.

    The other thing that was pushed by OfficeXP was publishing by "Windows® SharePoint™ Services" which seems to be targeting for the MSWINDOWS2003server... and
    there is the promise to support WebDAV, which is more of an Apache2.x thing. Anyone familiar with SharePoint and how feasible/unfeasible that is to Apache/Unix servers?

    And Looking at the RTR,, they have beta test software for FPSE 2002 beta release to support Apache 2.0. on BSD. I have no idea what would happen if you use mirfak but use these beta executables on apache 2.x on openbsd!

    The site is good at supporting freebsd, so that bodes well for openbsd.

  3. By chris cappuccio () on

    The fpexec suid wrapper is present in ALL versions of the frontpage setup for Apache, including the RTR versions which patch the actual Apache source code. It is like suexec. The RTR version comes with its own wrapper, and the mod_frontpage version is actually based off suexec.

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