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OpenBSD and OpenSSH at CeBIT

Contributed by jose on from the yet-another-chance-to-see-them-live dept.

Wim Vandeputte writes:
"OpenBSD and OpenSSH developers will be present at CeBIT on Friday 14th of March in Halle 6, A53/068, that Friday Henning and Markus will give a talk on OpenSSH."
Pretty cool, wish I could go. Anyone care to sponsor a trip for OpenBSD Journal to make a press appearance?

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  1. By AC () on


      1. By Seņor Ding Dong () on

        There was once a time when that was true, but now it is much, much more.

  2. By Tim Kornau () on

    Hello Openbsd Journal Team,

    I am not able to Sponsor a Trip to cebit but i will be at the Cebit on Friday Afternoon an i am willing to do the Press Coverage if yu are Interested.

    Tim Kornau

    1. By stephan () on

      argh. i wish i would have been able to be there. until i read this post, i thought it wasn't thaaat bad not to be there but now..... too bad :(

      please do take pictures!! =)

    2. By jose () sure, s on

      sure, send us a report with pics, we would like to see that ...

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    We can only hope that they convince more vendors to stick an sshd into their networking devices telnetd must die.

  4. By Peter Werner () peterw at on

    dont you think any sponsorship (above bandwidth and hardware) would be better directed to the project rather than for you go to x con and tell us how great it was?

    I appreciate the work you do for obsdj, but i find it disconcerting you've started asking for some sort of renumeration. maybe im reading too much into this.

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      A: remuneration
      B: yes, you're reading too much into it, god damn does everyone need a frigging smiley to have clarity with text?
      C: Even if he did ask, he's within his rights, and everyone else is in their rights to deny him.
      D: I think it would actually be neat to have OpenBSD reports of shows attended, I haven't seen any, maybe I'll write one soon; but I'm not going to badmouth someone for _asking_.

      Disconcerting it is not, you perhaps were in a bad mood at the time of posting?

      1. By Peter Werner () on

        its a hard thing to ask without sounding like a personal attack, which in a way it is, but that really wasnt my intention. The where there is 2-3 updates every day, and the resulting discussion, is plainly more interesting than the with an update every 2 or so days. i would guesstimate that the current rate of updates probably takes jose about 2 hours a day. this is a lot of work to keep up consistently, i appreciate it, and maybe it is worth the odd perk now and then. The reason i asked was mainly to find out what other people think. C is a very good point, and hey, im just stating my opinion, not asking everyone to agree with it :). I would rather see others opinions.

    2. By djm () on

      He can choose to suggest, and you can choose not to sponsor. You have no right to complain, though.


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