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PF at LinuxForum 2003

Contributed by jose on from the interesting-talks dept.

According to Daniel's PF page , he recently gave a talk at LinuxForum 2003 on The Design and Implementation of PF . Just looking at the abstract of the talk it looks like it should be interesting to check out. While I wasn't at LinuxForum (and maybe you weren't, either), you can catch Daniel's talk via a webcast . Go check it out, it was evidently a good talk.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Is there any webcast of some other openbsd members one can look at? theo for example ? :)

    1. By Henrik Kramshøj () on

      I was there and Daniel is a very nice guy :)

      Linuxforum is a danish conference which sells out
      all 500 tickets in about 25 hours - from opening of
      the "web-shop". It is held each year around March 1st
      Presentations can be viewed from:

      If you are in the vicinity of Copenhagen at that time of the
      year then do come by :)

      and btw the Cheswick keynote was very good also.

      Best regards



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