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Music for Video games with OpenBSD!

Contributed by jose on from the fun-fun-fun! dept.

FenderQ contributes:
"When I'm not working I'm usually spending some spare time making retro computer adventure games. I started out just using simple MIDI songs for my games. Now that I've discovered SoundTracker from the ports tree I'm having a blast creating my own songs. This thing works great!


You can also find some great *.XM format sample files at to try this thing out.

Thanks to Wilbern Cobb for maintaining this!

Not everything about OpenBSD has to be propeller hat stuff. ;-)"

OpenBSD, one of the most secure gaming and music platforms around.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Looking forward to the next release of soundtracker

    Another tracker for *nix:


    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Is there a way to unzip on the fly and play the files straight off the archive websites?

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I've been looking for a good ScreamTracker player for a while. Has anyone ported 'mikmod' or similar to OpenBSD??

    1. By Andreas () on

      The Mikmod input plugin for XMMS works well (including .s3m), and all you need is already in the ports tree.

    2. By Miod Vallat () on

      Well, as MikMod is primarily developed under OpenBSD since the last 5 years, it definitely runs without problems under OpenBSD...

    3. By Andrey () on

      mikmod plugin for xmms works great. (thanks, Miod)

      Another option - modplug-xmms plugin. Does the same thing as mikmod, but has more options, and, most importantly, allows fast forwarding while playing - great for quickly going through ~22,000 mods that I have :). I think modplug-xmms slightly more CPU power than mikmod.

      modplug-xmms is not in ports, but compiles and works fine when installed from source (at least on i386-3.2-stable), just needs one small patch [below], which will be included in the next release of xmms-modplug (that's what I was told).
      (I believe it's under "public domain" license).

      --- modplugxmms/modplugxmms.h.orig Tue Jan 7 21:55:33 2003
      +++ modplugxmms/modplugxmms.h Tue Jan 7 21:55:57 2003
      @@ -7,6 +7,7 @@



      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        grrr... <br> <br> that should be <br> + #include <br> in the patch... <br>

        1. By Anonymous Coward () on

          I am probably stupid or something...
          include pthread.h

    4. By jared spiegel () on

      not entirely on topic, but close enough...

      anybody got a GUS running on openbsd?

      i've got a rev 1.8 and a rev 2.1 GUS MAX ( 1M on both, if it matters ), and neither of them seem to work superwell in obsd. if i use the in-kernel drivers ( curiously "disable"d in the GENERIC ), the kernel bails with some isa_dma_mem_alloc stuff; and if i try the oss commercial drivers from 4front, the 'oss-test' util indicates that mostly everything works, except when it does the test where it ( i believe ) tries to hit the GF1 to play audio -- the oss-test util hangs, locks the terminal, and spits out lots of DMA errors to the dmesg buffer ( sorry for the proper terminology there ).

      i've tried several IRQ/DMA combinations, all of which both do not conflict with any device openbsd is aware of/using/allocating *and* work 100% for FT2 in flat DOS.

      i've tested the two cards on a different motherboard as well, and also, iirc, tested a GUS Classic on that other m/b too -- all with precisely the same results.

      i'm wondering if GUS support is just plain broken in openbsd 3.x or if A) i've got bad luck and/or B) am obviously missing something here.

      i would *love* it if anyone cared enough to delve into the issue with me, as it's quite a pisser to not have the card working 100% in openbsd...

      arachne can only take one so far, ya know....


  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Does ne1 know of any mixing player (a la tracktor for windows) for OpenBSD?

  4. By Sturm^Explizit () on

    Hey anyone know if there are any .IT format trackers under BSD? Specifically ones that can output MIDI messages? It's been bugging the hell out of me that a lot of my old .ITs under DOS that i wrote specifically to control my MIDI gear don't work in any other trackers. Can you control MIDI gear with SoundTracker?

    ex-Sturm^Explizit :-)

    1. By FenderQ () on

      I personally don't have any MIDI gear but there is a grey'd out option "MIDI Configuration" in the settings part of SoundTracker. I don't know if that is a feature not yet implemented or something that requires a MIDI device to be plugged in first.

      1. By eeprom () on

        ahh the good old days of gabber. you guys pumped out some good track :) i miss the 'scene' ;)

        1. By Anonymous Coward () on

          Heh yeah, Explizit rocked. I think a bunch of us ended up writing music for real. Not me, i'm just a programmer :-( Kom'ah i think went on to do drum'n'bass on vinyl... Jay and a few others i think had some "real" releases... Ch:ilm went into management :-) I miss that scene, it's so scattered now because of the internet... Some people writing mods for this tracker, some for that tracker, some only releasing their stuff as MP3... Man, mods were the only true "open source" music! I should get back into it again, haven't written a single song since i started working as a coder. Too busy, too tired... hehe


  5. By HMMS () on


  6. By Alex () on

    Is there some c-code to integrate into a game to play that mods?

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      easy, use libmikmod, a library for playing tracker modules

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