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Couple of Mail Notes

Contributed by jose on from the fun-and-secure-mail-servers dept.

A couple of recent mail notes for all of you OpenBSD mail server admins out there. The first is a piece entitled Bayesian Filtering with bogofilter and Sylpheed Claws and covers, as you may have guessed it, a way of cutting down on spam using some simple tools. Why not, after all, lessen the load on your server's disk space and your bandwidth. The second piece is about SMTP AUTH in sendmail 8.10-8.12 , a useful feature for people who have to use your mail server reliably from the outside world. No sense in opening up your relay when you can make this easy for people.

Hope this helps you do better things with your mail servers!

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    In case you'd like to run this on Qmail see LifeWithQmail-LDAP section 13.2: SMTP_AUTH AUTH

    no holy war intended, just showing the posibilities for those who are interested.

  2. By mirabile () on

    If you prefer to use procmail for filtering,
    another BSD cow has written this tutorial:

    1. By Han () on

      And the bmf-port also contains a readme I wrote.
      SpamAssassin now also uses baysonian filtering and I also wrote a little document for that port.

      You can find them in /usr/local/share/docs/

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