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y HTTPd Problem Fixed in Patch 008

Contributed by jose on from the leaks-get-stopped dept.

A recent patch from the OpenBSD team to the Apache source code has been rolled into a security patch for 3.2. To quote the posting of the patch
httpd(8) leaks file inode numbers via ETag header as well as child PIDs in multipart MIME boundary generation. This could lead, for example, to NFS exploitation because it uses inode numbers as part of the file handle.
Patch 008 for 3.2 has been released to fix these problems. Users of -current will already have the patch applied. Thanks to Chad Loder for the heads up.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    So this is only a security issue if you use apache in conjunction with an NFS mount? Or is it more arbitrary than that and is it an issue with apache and NFS simply co-existing on the same box?

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    i have a 3.2 system which is up-to-date with all its patches. when i apply the above patch and try to compile i get the following:

    ===> src
    ===> src/os/unix
    make: don't know how to make ap_strtol.c. Stop in /usr/src/usr.sbin/httpd/obj/src/ap.
    *** Error code 1

    Stop in /usr/src/usr.sbin/httpd/obj/src (line 154 of Makefile).
    *** Error code 1

    Stop in /usr/src/usr.sbin/httpd/obj (line 202 of ./Makefile).
    *** Error code 1

    Stop in /usr/src/usr.sbin/httpd/obj (line 184 of Makefile).
    *** Error code 1

    Stop in /usr/src/usr.sbin/httpd (line 789 of /usr/src/usr.sbin/httpd/Makefile.bsd-wrapper).

  3. By Apache 1.3.26? () on

    is it just me or have i not seen these bugs fixed in openbsd

  4. By WWW () on

    I don't like that idea. really

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