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YTalk Security Tip from O'ReillyNet

Contributed by jose on from the bits-and-pieces dept.

A security bit came across the wire on the o'ReillyNet website recently. The piece is about using Secure YTalk with SSH using the built in port forwarding in OpenSSH. Again, this is pretty easily adapted to other peer-to-peer chat programs to help you keep your communucations private.
UPDATE: Yanked the NTP stuff. As pointed out by Ben, it's not nearly as portable an article as I had thought.

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  1. By Ben Goren () on

    The technique in the article relies on /dev/cloclctl . At least as of 3.2, there is no such beast in OpenBSD. The online manual pages--they track -CURRENT, no?--have no mention of it, either.

    So, just how portable is this?



  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    This article is fairly worthless. No offense, jose :-)

  3. By BRobson () ben-at-robson-dot-ph on mailto:ben-at-robson-dot-ph

    I have been running a SILC server, for both work and private purposes, for over 12 months now.

    It works great. Allows both password and key-pair authentication, uses all of the latest, trendy encryption algorithms, and is essentially just old-school IRC (from the users perspective).

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