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GUI for Snort XML Logs written with OpenBSD users

Contributed by jose on from the XMLized-packets dept.

Sleepy writes:
"ACID-XML is an application, developed 80% of the time on OpenBSD, and runs on OpenBSD and it will give you a very nice view of those snort XML logs. the tarball is available from , it contains a i386 binary + sources and Makefile if you wanna modify and compile. it even contains the .ui file so you can adjust the GUI to your preference with designer. wanna see how it looks? Run OpenBSD on your desktop :)"
I've seen various Snort front ends and some are better than others. The diversity is good, though, and XML adds some flexibility that many of the others lack.

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  1. By Eric Bullen () on

    I am using a reporting tool that runs every minute in cron (low impact). This generates a nice report that is sent via email. I wrote this myself, and figure I should share it with others (I love the layout obviously). Anyway, enjoy, and I hope others like it as well...

    Here's the file:


  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Did anyone download this stuff?did you find it worthy?do you think converting pflogs to XML and integrating it with the IDS a good idea?
    can the sysadmin sect of the *NIX community point out a direction a developer who would like to contribute can take?any apps you thought are important but dont exist yet?

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