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Two Release Building Tools Updated

Contributed by jose on from the combined-news dept.

FenderQ writes about ths Easy Bake Oven tool he's working on:
"I just added an option to my release building shell script for allowing people to check differences in their source code compared to the stable branch. The new option will also generate patch style files (diff) and a file listing each file changed.

I'm sure the wizards using CVS and such won't need this, but this might help those who are wondering/worried/paranoid about what they are possibly missing from the stable branch.

OpenBSD - Release Building Shell Script v1.02 "

And Gerardo Santana Gómez Garrido writes about his binary patching system he's been working on:

"The binpatch subsystem has got the following improvements:
  • Source patches are now fetched from FTP mirrors. They're not packed along with the binpatch subsystem anymore.
  • More verbose. It now tells the user about:
    • missing files,
    • where the binary patches are created,
    • how to install them,
    • and some other minor messages
  • Available from CVS, CVSWeb and FTP
  • Prebuilt binary patches available for i386. I'm not enforcing the use of these. They're built by me, they're fine, but I can't claim I'm a trusted source, until I get support from the OpenBSD Team, if someday I get it.
  • A man page is in process
Pretty cool work on both of their parts. Give these projects a spin and see if you can't contribute bugfixes or enhancements!
UPDATE : Fixed the URl for the binary patches, thanks Gerardo.

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  1. By djm () on

    Can someone explain the value of the "Easy oven bake" thingy against "cvs update", "cvs diff" and "make build"? The latter are standard and very easy to use once you have climbed the fairly minimal learning curve.

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      none. this is just another good waste of developer time :)

    2. By Anonymous Coward () on

      I don't really see any benefit of the Easy Bake Oven thing either. It doesn't take much to learn to update your STABLE system with CVS, its actually much easier than the non-initiated may think.

      Now, binary patches on the other hand would be a good thing.

    3. By FenderQ () on

      I guess you have no problem using CVS, that's great! I'm glad you've figured that out. What would you prefer me to work on instead master?

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        There'll always be trolls and people who critisize others work - especially if it's useful to others but not them.

        Any work related to OpenBSD is good work!

        1. By FenderQ () on

          Thanks very much! I originally saw that some people were frustrated with the patching so I thought I would contribute something different. I actually have had people thank me for creating it. They actually use it for creating their own binary distributions.

          Thanks again for the positive feedback!

          1. By ThomasJ () on

            You will hear again and again this whining: "You are programming the wrong thing. You are wasting precious development time on useless projects."

            This is my take:

            • No time used on scratching an itch is wasted, if others can't use it at least you get better at coding.
            • A lot of people are "wasting" time on foras like deadly/slashdot/yahoo, insulting people that code "wrong things". They should be coding themselves.
            • There exists no such thing called "dublicate effort". If there was, OpenBSD developpers should be coding on NetBSD.
            • Code stuff! Coding is nice, and you will have a wonderful time in the company of gcc and make and whatnot. You will be happier and have more fun than the whining bunch (that is not coding).

            1. By Anonymous Coward () on

              1. By FenderQ () on

                Wow, you guys were right! ;-)

                I guess it could be sort of useful to you? It gives you something to talk about? ;-) Thanks for your comments though. I think that's great that you give your feedback! That's what this is for I believe.

      2. By djm () on

        I asked a question (which you haven't answered) - I didn't tell (or even suggest) you to go work on something else.

        1. By FenderQ () on

          Did you actually look at the script? It does more than just what you mention. This was originally done to make your own binary releases.

      3. By tim () on

        Now make it a running process to check for code changes then compile the changes and automatically scp the files to systems. :)

        if i could code i would make that :(

  2. By FenderQ () on

    That is a kind service you offer to the OpenBSD community.

    Gracias por su buen trabajo!

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Please port it to windows, so 99.99% of computer users can use it, and hurry up!

  4. By Anonymous Coward () on

    finally something to help patch firewalls without a compiler

    after running the easy oven bake script to make your own binary distribution would the system be a bit faster cause it was built with your own system?

    this rocks

  5. By Gimlet () on

    The great intellectual property disputes of computing history:

    Apple vs Microsoft over "look and feel"
    AT&T vs UC-Berkeley over Unix source code
    DEC vs Intel over Alpha patents
    OpenBSD vs Hasbro over "Easy Bake Oven" name

    1. By Master Troll () on

      No, no, that's an entry for yearly baking competition held at hasbro

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