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OpenBSD at FOSDEM 2003

Contributed by jose on from the cant-tell-too-much,-but-anyway.. dept.

Philipp Buehler sends us this FOSDEM report:
"Puffy was brought to Bruxelles and visited FOSDEM 2003 . Yet another developer conference about open/free software and more.

Officials say that up to 1500 geeks have been there, but who knows exactly (no entrance fee!). At least several OpenBSD developers (or slackers, whatever) have been there: miod, tdeval, pb, henning, couderc, naddy. Also the unavoidable master of all booth slaves: Wim. He had quite some booth slaves over there, who counts them?

Besides selling stuff, drinking beer (yeah!) and doing nasty stuff to Tux (dont ask), pb and henning made an "opensession"-talk about the new features in pf(4) - check the OpenBSD site for the slides.

Have fun while waiting for the 3.3 release, or get a snapshot and test these things! It's still time to fix bugs, dont whine around afterwards ;)

// pb@"

The guys at BSDCow have posted pictures from FOSDEM for people to look at as well. Looks like a fun time!

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  1. By Philipp () pb@ on mailto:pb@

    hi again,

    btw, this was a call for BUGreports, not
    for feature requests (which come from idiots, like
    we all know from theo.c :) ).
    the pf-tree is "mentally locked". especially
    for A[PB]I changes..
    we can queue up new stuff, but for 3.3 it's
    really already a shitload and pf should mature
    a bit, no?

    pls, k, thx

    // pb@

    1. By Hair Splitter Deluxe () on

      Or, put more correctly: bug reports != feature requests

      We all know that a bug can equal a feature in any software, under the right circumstances.

      I do understand, and agree to, the spirit of the OP, however.

      1. By Philipp () pb@ on mailto:pb@


        one from MicroSOFT, instead MicroBSD this time


        (cheap one, no offense ;) )


  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    link of pictures broken

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      It isn't broken. Just set up your browser language.

    2. By Xavier Santolaria () on

      No it's not. Be sure to _not_ add a / (slash) at the end of the URI. This link has already been heavily tested and reported to work.

    3. By Anonymous Coward () on

      thank you so much
      btw, nice pics

  3. By bangchuck () on

    Does anybody know how to convert to pdf? Or can somebody have it converted to pdf?

    1. By Philipp () pb@ on mailto:pb@

      oh well..

      you only miss eye candy, if you just read the "source" code from that mgp file

      magicpoint can convert it to HTML+pixx, but I
      never tried it and i dare it'll be useful

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        magicpoint converts to postscript, ghostscript or adobe distiller makes pdf


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