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Talk on PF in Northern Virginia Tonight

Contributed by jose on from the presentation dept.

Bob Fleck writes:
"The DC Security Geeks January meeting will feature Mike Frantzen talking about PF, the OpenBSD Firewall. The meeting is on Thursday, January 30th at 7:30pm, and will be held at the Virginia Tech Falls Church campus, room 214. More information can be found on the DC Security Geeks web site:

The talk is free, and open to all.

Come on by, meet likeminded security folk, and hear a good talk. (We have great speakers in to talk about once a month.)"

Mike's been one of the big driving forces in PF since its import (he had written a candidate firewall before IPF was removed, mfilt). Definitely go check out his talk if you're in the area.

UPDATE : Frantzen's slides are now available (PDF, PS format). They're quite useful, even without the presentation video.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I wish this was posted earlier so I could have arranged the time to attend. :(

    Thanks for the site though, Ill definitely be keeping an eye on that one! :)

    1. By Bob Fleck () on

      Sorry about that. We don't normally have OpenBSD specific talks, so it didn't occur to me to post it here until this morning.

      1. By Ray Schneider () on

        actually if things work out the way i hope they do we will have a few OpenBSD related talks over the course of the next year. ;)

        1. By Anonymous Coward () on

          I have the site bookmarked now, keep the "events" section updated and Ill be have an eye or two on it :D

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Will there be audio or video available for us that don't live in the area?

    1. By Matt () on

      I don't think so. Presenters usually provide notes on the meeting though, if that is any consolation. I will see if anyone is able to whip up a webcast.

      1. By matt () on

        I asked the mailing list and here was the reply from John Viega:

        There will not be a webcast. We will probably get it on video, though, in which case we can get it up in a streaming format, but the time frame for that is uncertain.

        If it is ever published, I will be sure to post a link here.

    2. By Matt () on

      I don't think so. Presenters usually provide notes on the meeting though, if that is any consolation. I will see if anyone is able to whip up a webcast.

  3. By Jason Dixon () jason [AT] myREALbox d COM on

    Yeah, please give notice next time. I'm in MD, but it would have been worth the trek. Are all of your meetings in the same location?


    1. By Jason Dixon () jasondixon [AT] myREALbox d COM on

      Corrected email, sorry.


    2. By ray () ray at on

      yes, all the meetings are at the VA Tech campus
      in Falls Church. Please subscribe to our mailing list instead of relying on us to post to deadly. ;) there is info about subscribing at the website:


  4. By ray () ray at securityfoo dot net on

    Hopefully video will be up soon. People are supposed to be working towards this.

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