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Contributed by jose on from the upgrade-assistance dept.

Leandro Chango writes:
"I've been recently working on a project. Its name is openbechede. Its aim is to install and remove OpenBSD packages with their dependencies, update the packages, checking new versions available on your ftp or a mirror, and update your system to the latest snapshot on the server. At the moment, the last version is: 0.7.1

I've submitted it to freshmeat. URL:

Hope it can be useful to make our OpenBSD experience even better :)

Leandro Chango"

I had a quick look over this before posting. It looks like a useful attempt at helping manage the upgrade process for all of the dependencies on a system. Coupled to something like mergemaster, this could be useful for a lot of people. Worth checking out and even contributing to.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    ..Debian's apt for OpenBSD? Good luck and much success!

    1. By aki () on

    2. By aki () on

      Sounds good.
      Anybody tried it yet?
      Snapshot system upgrade... Does it just write over existing /etc files? Does it launch mergemaster?
      Did you use some of NBSD pkgchk code (or similar) or write from scratch?


      1. By Leandro Chango () elchango at hypernode dot com dot ar on mailto:elchango at hypernode dot com dot ar

        it was written from scratch.

        Leandro Chango

      2. By Leandro Chango () elchango at hypernode dot com dot ar on mailto:elchango at hypernode dot com dot ar

        openbechede's release 0.8 supports updating /etc (it writes to disk only the new files that are on the tarball, it does NOT overwrite your existing configuration).

    3. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Actually it sound's like an emerge/portage system (which btw is kickass Id love to see this implemented in openbsd's core system).

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

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    1. By AC () on

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  3. By blackmage () on

    there is also pkg_search on freshmeat (but less advanced, not apt-like): mainly easy install from net

  4. By Anonymous Coward () on

    i've been playing with it for the past hour or so and it seems to work well for me.

    why not expand it to include update of other things like ports, system and kernel source, etc? might be a good next step to make it an all includive upgrade tool. maybe collaborate with the guy who makes tepatche and make sure your programs interoperate well.

    1. By Gunnar Wolf () on

      I am the guy who wrote Tepatche. Please contact me, I'd love to collaborate with you ;-)

      I am with a very high workload until about Feb 10, but from then on, I will be VERY glad to work with you.

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