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Ingo Schwarze -mandoc Better documentation – on the web and for LibreSSL video is now published

Contributed by Tom Smyth on from the buns-and-caffeine dept.

Tom Smyth has another article (and video) for us:

Ingo Schwarze (schwarze@) delivered a great talk on documentation in EuroBSDCon 2018. Ingo's slides have been on-line since September at OpenBSD events.html under the EuroBSD Con 2018. Anyone who follows the mailing lists would see Ingo's consistent attention to detail. In this talk Ingo interestingly points out that application of consistent attention to detail in documentation, also improves the quality of the software that is being documented. Ingo shows that if a program is difficult to document, then it is likely due to serious flaws in the program's design.

The talk is available here on Ingo Schwarze's Youtube Channel . Ironically the video documentation of Ingo's Talk is incomplete :/ (The first few minutes of the talk were not recorded due to the camera man being stuck on the hallway track :) (It is further suspected that the cameraman (Tom Smyth) was eating copious amounts of buns and attempting an overdose on caffeine). All joking aside, Thanks to Ingo for his patience on this, and thanks to Ingo for the countless hours of effort into improving both documentation and documentation processes.

Thanks very much, Tom!

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