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mdocml-1.12.3 Released

Contributed by tbert on from the man-of-docs dept.

Ingo Schwarze (schwarze@) wrote in to tell us about the new release of mdocml (mandoc):

I have just released version 1.12.3 of mdocml = mandoc on

This is a stable maintenance and bugfix release not changing any major functionality or interfaces. All users and downstream distributions are encouraged to upgrade from whatever earlier version they happen to be using.

The two main new features are in mdoc(7) parsing and output: In the SYNOPSIS, function declarations now break the line at better places and indent more nicely. This was accomplished with help from Franco Fichtner (franco@DragonFlyBSD). And mdoc(7) macro arguments now handle the quoting of quote characters correctly, thanks to a patch from Tsugutomo ENAMI (enami@NetBSD). There are several additional bug fixes and tiny new features; for more details, see

The mandocdb(8)/apropos(1) combo in this release is still based on the Berkeley DB backend. Development for a new SQLite3-based backend is in progress in the CVS HEAD, and i have switched OpenBSD-current to the new backend yesterday. The 1.13.x series of mandoc will be based on this new SQLite-based backend. I will provide more information about that in due time.

Depending on whether there will be demand, and depending on how quickly the SQLite-based backend stabilizes, i'm willing to continue the 1.12.x series based on Berkeley DB for some time, so if need be, a 1.12.4 release may happen in the future, either before or after the first 1.13.x release.

I wish you pleasant and productive work with mandoc, and a happy new year 2014!


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