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Official OpenBSD 6.2 CD set - the only one to be made!

Contributed by Bob Beck on from the not-available-in-stores dept.

Our dear friend Bob Beck (beck@) writes:

So, again this release the tradition of making Theo do art has continued!

Up for sale by auction to the highest bidder on Ebay is the only OpenBSD 6.2 CD set to be produced.

The case and CD's feature the 6.2 artwork, custom drawn ans signed by Theo.

All proceeds to support OpenBSD

Go have a look at the auction

As with previous OpenBSD auctions, if you are not the successful bidder, we would like to encourage you to donate the equivalent of you highest bid to the project.

p2k17 Hackathon report: Florian Obser on network stack progress, kernel relinking and more

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the relink don't go poof dept.

A new p2k17 hackathon report has arrived, this one from Florian Obser, who writes:
One of these days I should probably just put "lives here" into the file on cvs when it comes to hackathons in Berlin. My very first hackathon was b2k13 and I attended u2k15 as an emergency hackathon, on to number 3!

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p2k17 Hackathon Report: Anthony J. Bentley on firmware, games and securing pkg_add runs

Contributed by rueda on from the portable-gaming dept.

The next p2k17 report comes from Anthony J. Bentley (bentley@):

Back in April, Stefan Sperling (stsp@) asked if anyone was interested in using Atheros’s freely licensed sources to build firmware for athn(4) USB wireless cards. I never saw any takers on the mailing list, so when coming up with ideas to work on this hackathon I decided to give it a shot.

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p2k17 Hackathon report: Christian Weisgerber on random devices, build failures and gettext

Contributed by Paul 'WEiRD' de Weerd on from the geography dept.

The latest hackathon report to come in today came from Christian Weisgerber (naddy@):

“You're German, you must know Berlin, right?” “Uh, here's the list of European capital cities I live geographically closer to: Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, Paris, Bern, (Vaduz), Prague.”

Without any splashy projects in the pipeline for p2k17, I went to work on what can be described as janitorial tasks.

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p2k17 Hackathon report: Jeremy Evans on ruby progress, postgresql and webdriver work

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the ruby is a hacker's best friend dept.

The p2k17 hackathon reports keep flowing in, here's one from Jeremy Evans (jeremy@):
I had a very productive hackathon and worked on a lot of different areas.

I started out p2k17 by removing ruby 1.8, 2.1, and 2.2 from the ports tree, along with some ruby 1.8-specific ports. I also removed some old ruby database drivers that are no longer used by anything in the tree.

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Paul Irofti (pirofti@) on hotplugd(8), math ports, xhci(4) and other kernel advancements

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the hot plugs for puffy dept.

Here is a new p2k17 hackathon report from Paul Irofti (pirofti@), who writes:
There is plenty to do in the OpenBSD project, but not very much if you can not put a sustained effort of concentrating on a task for at least 4 hours straight for a period of at least a week. That is why, for us time-impaired people, hackathons are a great way of feeling involved in the project as a full-time employee putting in a lot of extra hours would.

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