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OpenBSD -current moves to 7.5-beta

Contributed by Janne Johansson on from the springtime for Puffy dept.

It's that time of the year again. With this commit, Theo de Raadt (deraadt@) changed the version string for the OpenBSD development branch (i.e. -current) to 7.5-beta:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2024/02/17 09:13:24

Modified files:
	sys/sys        : param.h 
	etc/root       : root.mail 
	sys/conf       : 
	sys/arch/macppc/stand/tbxidata: bsd.tbxi 
	share/mk       : 
	usr.bin/signify: signify.1 

Log message:
move to 7.5-beta

With the upcoming release expected to appear in May, testing is particularly welcome.

7.5-beta snapshots are already appearing on the mirrors.

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  1. By AnonTech ( on

    # OBSD75 -current
    Absolutely loving the speed increase.
    Quirks: Tue - 20 Feb 2024.
    : Hang when trying to cpy/pst from leafpad.
    Resolved w/ a sysupgrade on Thursday.
    Sat - 24 Feb 2024.
    : Intermittent crashes on xfe, & seamonkey.
    This may be a shm or semiphore thing,
    my system is wearing out.
    (It's always had USB-bus problems.)

    Pros: Application launch times.
    Seamonkey < 2 seconds
    # Launched from Fvwm (2.2.5) Keybind
    Gimp < 12 seconds
    # (Let's see photoshop come anywhere close to those times)
    Dillo == instantanious
    All other programs now launch near instantaniously,
    including games.
    Damn Impressive.

    XTerm now properly renders scrollbar colors.
    SCT seems to work better, plus colors (system-wide)
    seem more vibrant.
    Picom now works properly.
    System stability is still rock solid.

    Does this have anything to do w/ SoftDeps
    being removed ?
    Whatever you guys did, I like the results.

    Tested on 2014 Dell E6440-i5, 8Gb RAM

    1,000 Thanks to Theo and all the O-BSD Devs that have provided this beautiful, secure, stable, and fast OS to the world.
    Special Thanks to Solene for her posts on FVWM-2.2.5 .
    They helped a lot.

    No JS required ?

    1. By AnanTech ( on

      Addendum: The newest snapshot fixed the intermittent crashing problem. Screenshot

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