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rpki-client 8.7 released

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Sebastian Benoit (benno@) announced the release of version 8.7 of rpki-client:

rpki-client 8.7 has just been released and will be available in the
rpki-client directory of any OpenBSD mirror soon.
rpki-client is a FREE, easy-to-use implementation of the Resource
Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) for Relying Parties (RP) to
facilitate validation of BGP announcements. The program queries the
global RPKI repository system and validates untrusted network inputs.
The program outputs validated ROA payloads, BGPsec Router keys, and
ASPA payloads in configuration formats suitable for OpenBGPD and BIRD,
and supports emitting CSV and JSON for consumption by other routing

See RFC 6480 and RFC 6811 for a description of how RPKI and BGP Prefix
Origin Validation help secure the global Internet routing system.

rpki-client was primarily developed by Kristaps Dzonsons, Claudio
Jeker, Job Snijders, Theo Buehler, Theo de Raadt and Sebastian Benoit
as part of the OpenBSD Project.

This release includes the following changes to the previous release:

- Add ability to constrain an RPKI Trust Anchor's effective signing
  authority to a limited set of Internet numbers. This allows Relying
  Parties to enjoy the potential benefits of assuming trust, but within
  a bounded scope. This distribution includes curated constraints files.
  More information:

- Following a 'failed fetch' (described in RFC 9286), emit a warning and
  continue with a previously cached Manifest file, if present and still

- Emit a warning when the same manifestNumber is re-used across multiple

- Emit a warning when the remote repository presents a Manifest with an
  unexpected manifestNumber. Purported new manifests are expected to
  have a higher manifestNumber than previously validated manifests.
  Otherwise fall back to the previously cached manifest, if it is still
  valid. This warning can be indicative of manifest replays or of
  out-of-order publishing.

- Require RPKI object files to be of a minimum of 100 bytes in both the
  RRDP and RSYNC transports.

- No longer synchronize directory modtimes in the local cache to align
  with remote RSYNC repository sources.

- Improved CRL extension checking.

- Experimental support for the P-256 signature algorithm.

- Various refactoring work.

rpki-client works on all operating systems with a libcrypto library
based on OpenSSL 1.1 or LibreSSL 3.6, a libtls library compatible
with LibreSSL 3.6 or later, and zlib.

rpki-client is known to compile and run on at least the following
operating systems: Alpine, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, Red Hat,
Rocky, Ubuntu, macOS, and of course OpenBSD!

It is our hope that packagers take interest and help adapt
rpki-client-portable to more distributions.

The mirrors where rpki-client can be found are on

Reporting Bugs:

General bugs may be reported to

Portable bugs may be filed at

We welcome feedback and improvements from the broader community.
Thanks to all of the contributors who helped make this release

Assistance to coordinate security issues is available via

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