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Game of Trees 0.95 released

Contributed by rueda on from the again-and-again-and dept.

Version 0.95 of Game of Trees has been released (and the port updated):

* got 0.95; 2023-12-08
  see git repository history for per-change authorship information
- plug memory leaks in checkout, update, and status commands
- gotwebd: repair the "chroot" option in /etc/gotwebd.conf; regression from 0.94
- gotwebd: add breadcumbs to navigate paths in tree/blob/commits/blame views
- gotwebd: add a dark mode, enabled based on web-browser preferences
- gotwebd: add History/Blob/Raw-File links to blob and blame views
- gotwebd: adjust blob line numbers for text-mode browsers
- gotwebd: make the blame view work in text-mode browsers
- gotwebd: add a Patch action to serve diffs in plain text
- gotwebd: add Patch and Tree links to the diff view
- gotwebd: display README files in tree views
- gotwebd: display a tree-listing and README files in the summary view
- gotwebd: render less tags in the summary page to make space for other content
- gotwebd: swap order of tags and branch listings on the summary page
- gotwebd: display 'More' link instead of 'prev/next' links in the tag listing

The port has also been updated in 7.4-stable.

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