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clang(1)/llvm updated to version 16

Contributed by rueda on from the clang goes the compiler dept.

In a long series of commits, Robert Nagy (robert@) updated clang(1)/llvm in -current to version 16:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2023/11/11 11:01:31

Log message:
    import of llvm from LLVM 16.0.6
    Vendor Tag:	LLVM
    Release Tags:	LLVM_16_0_6
    U src/gnu/llvm/llvm/.clang-format
    U src/gnu/llvm/llvm/.clang-tidy
    U src/gnu/llvm/llvm/.gitattributes
    U src/gnu/llvm/llvm/utils/vscode/llvm/syntaxes/ll.tmLanguage.yaml
    U src/gnu/llvm/llvm/utils/yaml-bench/CMakeLists.txt
    U src/gnu/llvm/llvm/utils/yaml-bench/YAMLBench.cpp
    67 conflicts created by this import.
    Use the following command to help the merge:
    cvs checkout -jLLVM:yesterday -jLLVM src/gnu/llvm/llvm

Naturally, this has involved supporting work elsewhere in base, and in ports.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward (anonymouse) on

    Note that much of the supporting work has not been done yet. It will take some time before ports and packages are back to normal.

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