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OpenBSD/arm64 on Hetzner Cloud

Contributed by Paul 'WEiRD' de Weerd on from the ARMing Puffy for the cloud dept.

Frederic Cambus (fcambus@) wrote a blogpost about running OpenBSD on the arm64-based cloudservers provided by Hetzner. For now, only -current will work, because the new viogpu(4) driver [on which we reported earlier] is needed.

Head on over to Frederic's blog for the full story!

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  1. By Chakl (chakl) on

    Nice! Looking forward to 7.4-RELEASE, and going to order a VM. Thanks to all who made this possble!

    1. By House Panther (housepanther) on

      Do you know if this made 7.4? I am eager to try out either a Hetzner VM or an Oracle Cloud Ampere VM. Thanks!

      1. By House Panther (housepanther) on

        Answered my own question. Yes, it will be available.

  2. By Peter J. Philipp (pjp) on

    I have one of these, I'm running with this kernel:

    kern.version=OpenBSD 7.3-current (GENERIC.MP) #2241: Tue Aug 29 00:04:59 MDT 2023

    Since then, there was someone who reported that it was broken. So I'm careful to upgrade, I don't have time until next week to look into this. What is nice about the hetzner instances is that you can build a private network behind a vps and make it a router. I have a windows server 2019 essentials behind the OpenBSD and it's firewalled and natted. xfreerdp is great to use with this.

    In early porting work for the mango pi I even used a qemu on the windows host to compile kernels, but that mostly died down when I put a starfive visionfive 2 to use.

    In regards to the vpn that hetzner allows one to set up I have never tried it out when a vps is in another location, my location is in falkenstein (falcon stone), they set up the tunnels which are layer 2, on the vio1 interface.

    You might be wondering why I use windows. Well it has to do with my dns work, come next year I'm porting it to windows so I got the server for it early.

    I've been a long lasting customer of hetzner for longer than 10 years, I also applied there once for a job but they didn't seem to think I was their right kind of person. It's ok, I still like being a customer there.

  3. By Janne Johansson (jj) on

    Also works on Oracle cloud where you can have one or two free ARM64 VMs.

    Same procedure, overwrite /dev/sda on the linux with install74.img, reboot and get yourself a VNC console to complete the installation.

    The free tier allows for up to two dual-core ARM64s with 12G ram each.

    1. By House Panther (housepanther) on

      Sadly, I've been unable to create an Oracle VM on their Ampere platform. I constantly get out of capacity errors. :-(


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