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EuroBSDCon 2023 presentations

Contributed by rueda on from the Ola! Coimbra! dept.

EuroBSDCon 2023 has now ended, and slides for many of the OpenBSD developer presentations are now available in the usual place.

Video of the presentations can be expected somewhat later.

Slides from the tutorial "Network Management with the OpenBSD Packet Filter Toolset" are also available.

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  1. By Philipp (pb) on

    Joel also did a talk about relayd; we'll put this on the conference website pretty soon (tm).

  2. By Philipp (pb) on

    25 as of now, more to come

  3. By Marc Espie (espie) on

    Looking forward to the individual videos!

    1. By bsdtv (BSDTV) on

      The videos are now public: EuroBSDcon 2023 Playlist
      We have a few stragglers that need a little extra attention but I expect to have them all done soon. The list of stragglers: 1. the lightning talks, 2. .NET for FreeBSD by Jonas Petereit, 3. FreeBSD in the Land of Corporate Lemurs (or Lemmings?) by Eirik √ėverby Please note, the talk: Defending the Democracy using BSD by Jeroen Janssen was not streamed or released at the request of the speaker. I have a feeling he may reprise the talk in Dublin if we are lucky. Once all videos are up, I will also release them on the Fediverse Peertube and leave a follow up reply here. Be well.


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