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Game of Trees 0.92 released

Contributed by rueda on from the again-and-again-and dept.

Version 0.92 of Game of Trees has been released (and the port updated):

* got 0.92; 2023-08-29
  see git repository history for per-change authorship information
- allow modified files to be deleted during merges if content exists in repo
- disallow overlapping repo and work tree in 'got checkout'
- speed up opening of the work tree's file-index
- speed up deltification by resizing block hash tables less often
- add support for commit keywords to 'got log -x'
- fix 'got log -dPp' diffstat duplication bug
- improve out-of-date reporting accuracy in 'got branch -l' output
- document that the log -d option implies log -P
- prevent file-index corruption via deletion of missing locally-added files
- prevent a double-free in got_worktree_commit
- fix regression from 0.76: 'got diff' output matches /usr/bin/diff -p again
- gotsh: do not set POLLOUT flag if there is no data to send, for portability
- gotd: stop logging "unexpected end of file" when client decides to disconnect
- make gotd flush pending messages before disconnecting the client upon success
- gotwebd: fix bogus modification times displayed when show_repo_age is off
- tog: show work tree base commit marker in the log view
- tog: fix an infinite loop that could be triggered via log view search
- plug a memory leak in tog's blame view
- tog regress: prevent crash in ncurses when Ctrl-C is used to cancel test runs
- tog regress: fix occasional failures due to commit timestamp mismatch
- regress: nix 'set -A' kshism from tests for portability

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  1. By Slava Voronzoff (nerfur) on

    any plans for https cloning support?

    1. By Stefan Sperling (stsp) on

      No plans as such. It is not a big priority for me. There was a WIP patch but it needs more work.


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