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New routed IPsec VPN mode committed

Contributed by Janne Johansson on from the a route to be routed dept.

The routed IPSec mode we reported on earlier has now been committed to -current by David Gwynne (dlg@), likely to be a prominent item for the upcoming OpenBSD 7.4 release.

The main log message:

add sec(4) to support route based ipsec vpns.

Some excerpts from the commit messages by dlg@ explains its purpose and design:

Rather than use ipsec flows (aka, entries in the ipsec security
policy database) to decide which traffic should be encapsulated in
ipsec and sent to a peer, this tweaks security associations (SAs)
so they can refer to a tunnel interface. when traffic is routed
over that tunnel interface, an ipsec SA is looked up and used to
encapsulate traffic before being sent to the peer on the SA. When
traffic is received from a peer using an interface SA, the specified
interface is looked up and the packet is handed to it so it looks
like packets come out of the tunnel.
sec(4) can be considered equivalent to gif(4) protected by ipsec,
and on the wire it actually looks the same. sec(4) exists to better
support how security associations for route-based ipsec VPNs are
negotiated and to avoid SPD entries for them.

For the full experience, see the series of commits starting with this one.

We look forward to this and several other improvements that will be in the upcoming release.

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