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Game of Trees 0.85 released

Contributed by rueda on from the again-and-again-and dept.

Version 0.85 of Game of Trees has been released (and the port updated):

* got 0.85; 
  see git repository history for per-change authorship information
- gotwebd: add missing colon in diff view (patch by Josiah Frentsos)
- more preparation for eventual sha256 object ID support
- add test coverage for more tree conflict cases during merges
- fall back to vi(1) instead of ed(1) if neither EDITOR nor VISUAL are set
- in got.1, clarify what users are expected to do during 'histedit -e'
- gotd requires a config file; don't fail silently when it cannot be read
- regress: replace unportable ln -h option with rm && ln
- regress: make cmdline tests POSIX /bin/sh compatible
- gotd: remove more (all?) double process names in log
- don't pass -d to yacc during the build (patch by Josiah Frentsos)
- regress: override locale settings to force the "C" locale
- regress: replace "sed -i" with ed(1) for portable in-place editing
- fix gotd sometimes reading reused deltas from wrong pack file

According to Thomas Adam on the mailing list many of the CHANGES for the -portable 0.85 release, have been done in conjunction with intentions for adoption into FreeBSD's ports:
* Changes from got-0.85.

There's been a tonne of -portable-specific changes in this release which aim
to make portability easier across the supported systems.  In particular,
there's been a lot of header cleanups, and now that -portable is using
config.h, this has allowed dependencies to be split out, so that ncurses is
only linked where required (tog).  This should allow for multipacking where

There have also been some great improvements to regress (which is the test
suite) to remove GNU-specific wrappers for date(1), sed(1), ln(1).

There's too many commits to list here, but for the specifics, see the
differences between '0.84.1..0.85'.

Thanks in particular to Christian "naddy" Weisgerber for his help with this
work, and this -portable release.

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  1. By grey (grey) on

    Some additional notes from Thomas Adams on the FediVerse here:

    Repeated below for undeadly readers:

    #gameoftrees portable version 0.85 has been released. This version tracks got-0.85,. There have been a lot of -portable specific changes to improve: * regress tests. There’s now no longer a requirement to use GNU code utilise for commands such as date(1), sed(1), ln(1) on *BSD. * autotools is now using autoheader (config.h) to define the variables it detects on the host system. This will help reduce the visual clutter during compilation so that errors can be spotted more easily. * Dependencies are now targetted where required, rather than assumed to be linked to all binaries. For example, nurses is only linked against tog, and not got. My thanks to naddy for all his help with this release. I am expecting some bugs from this change. We have done our best to test this, of course. :)


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