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Game of Trees 0.84 released

Contributed by rueda on from the again-and-again-and dept.

Version 0.84 of Game of Trees has been released (and the port updated).

Stefan Sperling had some particular changes of note on the FediVerse announcement excerpted (sans special emoji unique to here:

"A new #gameoftrees release (0.84) is out. This release ships a nice collection of small new features and bug fixes.

gotd should no longer randomly exit and crash. Hopefully.

The new histedit -d command makes it trivial to drop all commits from a branch. Because this will keep a backup of the previous branch state around this new command is a bit safer than deleting a branch and re-creating it.

🚫​ You can now commit files even while they contain conflict markers. Even though you should never actually do this. At least not without consulting the Perl developers first (and they don't commit such files anymore, either).

If a remote repository changes its HEAD your local HEAD in refs/remotes/ will now be changed as well when fetching.

Some invisible work towards SHA256 object ID support has happened. This should eventually amount to great consequences but only once a lot more such work gets done."

However, the complete release notes are provided below:

* got 0.84; 2023-02-22
  too many changes to list all here; see git repository history for more;
  and see git repository history for per-change authorship information
- add 'got histedit -d' flag to drop all commits
- show worktree UUID in backout/cherrypick -l output
- several changes in preparation for eventual SHA256 object ID support
- make 'got rebase' work when the to-be-rebased branch has no parent commit
- fix bad line-wrapping in tog ref and tree views
- add horizontal scrolling support to tog ref and tree views
- create .pack and .idx files with filemode 0444, like Git does
- make 'got fetch' fetch the work tree's current branch as an implicit fallback
- improve 'got fetch' behaviour when work tree's branch is not on server
- gotwebd: fix briefs/tags navigation overlap
- drop double process name from some gotd logs
- tog: fix high CPU usage issue after starting search (reported by Mikhail)
- fix gotd exiting with abnormal error during client connection teardown
- fix gotd segfault in libevent while disconnecting clients
- tweak 'got commit' log-message validation: now checks timestamp and size > 0
- gotwebd: abort blame if the client disconnects midway through
- make 'got fetch -b branch' only fetch the named branch
- got/tog/gotadmin: call pledge(2) earlier where possible
- no longer error out if redundant "got commit -A $GOT_AUTHOR" option is used
- add 'gotadmin pack' -D flag to force generation of ref-deltas in pack files
- make 'got fetch' update cached HEAD symref if it has changed in remote repo
- add commit/histedit/merge/rebase -C option to commit unresolved conflicts
- make 'got status' check for merge conflict markers on newly added lines only
- fix read/write out of bounds in gitconfig file parser (reported by James Cook)
- fix "got fetch" hanging if remote repo is out-of-date (reported by James Cook)
- ignore patterns with trailing "/" now match directories (suggested by Lucas)
- make 'got merge' honour author setting in gitconfig (reported by James Cook)
- sync default values shown in gotwebd.conf(5) EXAMPLES section
- fix parsing of indented comments in gitconfig file (reported by James Cook)
- fix tog diff between arbitrary commits; regression from 0.80

* Changes from got-0.84.  Portable change include:

* portable: allow for yacc to be found via setting YACC env var.

# got-portable 0.84.1 (2023-02-24)

This is a bug-fix -portable release to address the following:

* Switch to using AC_CHECK_DECL to avoid cross-compilation issues when running
  on Void Linux.
* Add libbsd check to template sub-project.

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