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Game of Trees 0.82 released.

Contributed by grey on from the rapidly iterating version numbers dept.

Game of Trees 0.82 has been released (and the port updated).

From the CHANGES textfile:

* got 0.82; 2023-01-23
- fix comparison in tree object parser always evaluating to false (jamsek)
- add missing bounds-check in gitproto ref-line tokenizer
- gotd.8 and gotwebd.8 man page improvements (patch by Josiah Frentsos)
- make gotd session process accept just one flush packet at a time
- sort ENVIRONMENT entries in got.1 and tog.1 (op)
- only forward implicit flush packets from gotsh if they are expected
- return GOT_ERR_EOF from pkt.c if a read attempt indicates EOF
- treat read errors from client socket in gotsh as fatal errors
- gotwebd: refactor gotweb_render_content_type/_file (op)
- gotwebd: turn gotweb_get_time_str into gotweb_render_age (op)
- gotwebd: don't list references per-commit in got_get_repo_commits (op)
- gotwebd: avoid history traversal in briefs/commits, kill "prev" button (op)
- gotd: disconnect on client EOF error to avoid stale connections (op)
- gotsh: validate with parse_command before connecting (op)
- add a test for ssh connections to gotsh without a repo path argument (op)
- gotsh: avoid a temporary buffer for the socket path (op)
- gotsh: move apply_unveil right after the first pledge (op)
- fix tog refreshing the screen more often than intended (jamsek)
- tog: show action report on user-toggleable event (patch by Mikhail, jamsek)
- don't print empty line when exiting tog (jamsek)
- got: don't leak pathlist in commit and revert commands (jamsek)
- gotd: fix wrong PIDs for parent and child processes shown in logs

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