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retguard for amd64 system calls

Contributed by rueda on from the dodge ROPy returns dept.

Todd Mortimer (mortimer@) has committed (to -current) retguard for amd64 system calls:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2023/01/10 18:55:18

Modified files:
	lib/libc/arch/amd64: SYS.h 
	lib/libc/arch/amd64/sys: Ovfork.S brk.S sbrk.S sigpending.S 
	                         sigprocmask.S sigsuspend.S 
	libexec/ SYS.h 

Log message:
Add retguard to amd64 syscalls.

Since we got rid of padded syscalls we have enough registers to do this.

ok deraadt@ ok kettenis@

Theo de Raadt (deraadt@) updated innovations.html with further details:

Module name:	www
Changes by:	2023/01/10 19:00:33

Modified files:
	.              : innovations.html 

Log message:
mortimer has changed amd64 system call stubs in libc, main programs,
and so they are now also protected by retguard (this was already
the case on arm64).  They are hard to find because of aslr and relinking, but now ROP-code will have a harder time
preloading system call arguments and jumping to the syscall
instructions in the stub, because (except for execve(2)) upon return
the code drops into the retguard epilogue and sadly then you die.

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