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Game of Trees 0.78 released

Contributed by rueda on from the more-control-igor dept.

Version 0.78 of Game of Trees has been released (and the port updated):

* got 0.78; 2022-11-03
- gotsh.1: Use Sx for referencing EXAMPLES (patch by Josiah Frentsos)
- change got_pack_parse_offset_delta tslen argument to size_t (op)
- fix regression test failures with Git 2.30.5 / 2.38.1 or later installed
- fix gotd(8) usage() string (patch by Josiah Frentsos)
- regress/ remove accidentally included absolute path to "got" (naddy)
- fix off_t type mismatches in printf format string arguments (naddy, op)
- fix spelling of "FastCGI" (patch by Josiah Frentsos)
- add missing `goto done;' on error path of read_raw_delta_data() (op)
- add bounds check when reading a delta offset from a packed object (op)
- check size before calling mmap(2) (op)
- sort getopt() option lists and switch statements (patch by Josiah Frentsos)
- make got.conf(5) warn about remotes configured in locally-shared repositories
- add missing check for errors from got_gotconfig_read() in open_worktree()
- plug a memory leak on error in got_gotconfig_read()
- convert pack filesize variables to off_t for large packs on 32-bit arch (op)
- remove sendfd pledge promise from gotd repo_read and repo_write processes
- add gotctl(8); initially supported commands are 'info' and 'stop'
- respect umask when creating or changing files and directories (op)
- fix typo which caused a double-free in gotd repo_write_shutdown()
- got-fetch-pack: fix wrong memmove length leading to dubious checksum failures
- avoid incomplete writes of pack file data in gotsh and got-send-pack
- add a test suite for gotd(8); check basic clone and send functionality
- require space between commit author name and email, for Git compatibility
- gotwebd: avoid 500 error code if erroring out in plaintext mode (landry)
- gotwebd: add respect_exportok flag, defaulting to off (landry)
- respect open files resource limit when sizing pack cache; regression from 0.71
- provide a diff of changes in a temp file while editing a commit log message
- fix memory and file descriptor leak for raw objects (regression from 0.77)
- remove casts which made older gcc versions unhappy
- fix free of wrong address on error in gotweb's parse.y

This release sees the introduction of gotctl(8), a utility for controlling gotd(8).

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