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Game of Trees 0.77 released

Contributed by rueda on from the got-to-network dept.

Version 0.77 of Game of Trees has been released (and the port updated):

* got 0.77; 2022-10-24
- disallow integrating into references outside refs/heads/ (jrick)
- gotwebd.conf: add syntax for defining macros and document them (op)
- simplify the way 'got patch' opens a tempfile when reading from stdin
- lots of refactoring to allow gotd(8) code to run without libexec helpers
- more refactoring to allow gotd(8) to stream packfile data on network sockets
- add missing error checking around some unlink(2) syscalls
- don't crash if delta cache is missing while combining deltas; for dev builds
- allow got_object_parse_tree() to reuse entries buffer allocations for speed
- show a more useful error if the size of a packed object won't fit in 64 bits
- switch integers used for counting objects while indexing packs to unsigned
- refresh cached list of pack index paths while searching a packed object 
- introduce gotd(8) and gotsh(1); WIP and not yet provided in binary packages
- close parent's end of imsg pipe before waiting for a child process to exit
- fix detection of SIGTERM in tog; this signal was accidentally being ignored
- avoid printing harmless errors that can occur when tog exits due to Ctrl-C

Of particular note is the introduction of [WIP] gotd(8)/gotd.conf(5) and gotsh(1), which provide networking support for got(1). Great stuff!

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