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Game of Trees 0.76 released.

Contributed by grey on from the got got? dept.

Game of Trees 0.76 was released on September 23rd, 2022.

A complete list of what changed may be viewed here:
* got 0.76; 2022-09-23
- gotwebd documentation fixes
- tog: extend log view author highlight colour to full field width (jamsek)
- tog: make headline highlight extend the full view width (jamsek)
- make got_commit_graph_iter_next use caller-provided storage for the id (op)
- tog: add new log view limit feature to filter commits (patch by Mikhail + op)
- tog: respect current cursor position during log search (patch by Mikhail)
- tog: implement runtime help accessible via H,F1 keymaps (jamsek)
- add gotadmin init -b <branch> to specify repo head ref (jamsek)
- ensure got patch respects x-bit perms for new files (jamsek)
- gotwebd: drop needless NULL check (op)
- show file mode for new added files in work tree diffs (jamsek)
- fix wrong function prototypes shown in diff hunk headers (thj@freebsd, jamsek)

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