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Differences between base and ports LLVM in OpenBSD

Contributed by rueda on from the clash-of-clangs dept.

Frederic Cambus (fcambus@) has written a blog entry regarding the significant differences between the versions of LLVM in base and ports.

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  1. By anon (anonymouse) on

    "Importing CMake into the base system was not an option"

    Not needed though, cmake can generate (BSD Make-compatible) Makefiles, amongst other options, which could be committed, just as configure scripts generated with autoconf are also committed.

  2. By Josuah Demangeon ( on

    Very useful summary!

    I would also have a look at clang-local(1) man page which list differences as well

    Another difference I noticed is the ports clang-13 binary calls /usr/local/bin/ld (instead of /usr/bin/ld), so it might be GNU ld on one, or LLVM ld depending on what is /usr/local/bin/ld.

    I had issues with /usr/local/lib/ not detected by LLVM ld (only /usr/local/lib/ would be), but not that bug with GNU ld.

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