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First powerpc64 snapshots available

Contributed by Paul 'WEiRD' de Weerd on from the powerpc64-to-the-people dept.

Since we reported the first bits of powerpc64 support going into the tree on 16 May, work has progressed at a steady pace, resulting in snapshots now being available for this platform.

So, if you have a POWER9 system idling around, go to your nearest mirror and fetch this snapshot. Keep in mind that as this is still very early days, very little handholding is available - you are basically on your own.

Mark Kettenis (kettenis@) writes in with some more details on supported systems:

OpenBSD/powerpc64 is being developed on Raptor Computing Systems Blackbird and Talos II systems, but is expected to run on all OpenPOWER (non-virtualized) POWER9 systems. Adding support for POWER8 system is planned but access to such a system would be needed to make progress in that direction.

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  1. By Peter J. Philipp (pjp) on

    Nice turn-around time. You guys simply rock! I have been watching the commits more or less through email. My question is whether the G5 from Apple would eventually see support? My guess is the realtime openfirmware (ofw) still would need writing (like on macppc arch), also a boot loader would be needed, although I still have a vmm of my attempt of porting my G5 to 64-bit I think I ported the bootloader to boot ELF 64 bit kernels. Either way I don't have time until the far future to port anything, I was more inquiring for knowledge.

    Best Regards!

    1. By Benno (benno) on

      The G5 Macs are supported by macppc:

      powerpc64 supports POWER9 and possibly POWER8 systems.

  2. By Amit Kulkarni (amitkulz) on

    Wow. Great news guys!


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