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Catch up 2020-04-30

Contributed by rueda on from the puffy-as-ppe dept.

While many of us have been busy social distancing, OpenBSD development work has continued. Noteworthy things not previously reported here include:

  • The OpenBSD version has moved to 6.7-beta
  • Some 11 syscalls have been unlocked since the 6.6 release.
  • FFS2 has been made the default filesystem for new installs on most platforms.
  • The rpki-client web site has been launched.
  • Supported hardware on the arm64 platform has widened further, including support for Pine64 Pinebook Pro and Rasperry Pi 4.
  • The default compiler on the macppc platform has been switched to clang(1).
  • Ports work has entered slowdown in the move towards release.

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  1. By rueda (rueda) on

    cron(8)/crontab(5) also received enhancements:

    • The "options" field in crontab(8) was renamed to "flags" and parsing was improved.
    • A "-s" (single instance) flag was added.
    • Support for random time values (using the '~' operator) was added to crontab(5).


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