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Package updates for -stable available for arm64 (too)

Contributed by rueda on from the dpb-builders-gone-wild dept.

The arm64 architecture has joined amd64 and i386 in having -stable package updates available.

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  1. By Lars Schotte (gustopn) on

    Yes, I would need new packages for Octeon/mips64 because the dhcpcd of packages is too old. I am using dhcpcd for my DHCPv6 PD DS Lite IPv6 native DSL connection.

    1. By Paul 'WEiRD' de Weerd (weerd) on

      Currently your only option is to use snapshots, as mips64 isn't a supported architecture for -stable packages yet.

      1. By Solène Rapenne (solene) on

        There is no plan for making stable packages for octeon.

        Also, stable ports only receive security fixes or patches to fix build errors.

    2. By Marc (mapet) on

      What is the issue with dhcpcd from packages? I am using it myself for DHCPV6-PD and have no issues.

  2. By Keith Harrison (kiethHT) on

    I am using DHCPV6-PD and have no issues.


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