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New console font Spleen made default

Contributed by Paul 'WEiRD' de Weerd on from the bloody fonts dept.

Frederic Cambus (fcambus@) has just changed the default console font to Spleen, a font of his own creation:

CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by: 2019/01/09 04:23:32

Modified files:
        sys/dev/rasops : rasops.c 
        sys/dev/wsfont : wsfont.c 

Log message:
Enable Spleen in wsfont and modify the font selection logic at runtime
in rasops(9) to allow selecting larger fonts when available.
Summary of the changes:

- Enable spleen8x16 for all architectures, replacing bold8x16_iso1.
- Enable spleen12x24 on all arches but sparc64, replacing gallant12x22.
- Enable spleen16x32 and spleen32x64 on amd64, i386, and arm64 for
GENERIC kernels.
- Modify the font selection logic in rasops(9) so the 16x32 and 32x64
fonts are selected if at least 120 columns can be displayed. Screens
with widths equal or larger than 1920px will use the 16x32 font, and
screens with widths equal or larger than 3840px the 32x64 one.

OK kettenis@, ratchov@, deraadt@

This new font brings more easily readable text to the higher resolution screens that are commonly seen on newer machines, while still filling the complete screen with a reasonable number of characters. If you like the Spleen font, you can use it in your xterminals by installing the fonts/spleen port with doas pkg_add spleen. More details can be found on Frederic's website. Those who prefer the old (or other) fonts while in console mode are invited to read the wsconsctl(8) manpage.

A big thank you to Frederic for his work on Spleen and on making it the new default font for OpenBSD consoles.

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  1. By Reheis Claus (rehcla) on

    nice work! thank you

  2. By Slava Voronzoff (nerfur) on

    Nice work!

    But why do it default console and not include in base for X?

  3. By chas (chas) on

    What is the name of the old font? The same font is used on my Sun workstations. I've always been curious where it came from and how it proliferated.

    1. By Alessandro Gallo (llgxela) on

      -- Those who prefer the old (or other) fonts while in console mode are invited to read the wsconsctl(8) manpage.

      Sun Gallant Demi

      1. By chas (chas) on

        And now you are going to make me power up the SPARC. Well, I didn't have anything important to do today. I fixed NFS yesterday.

  4. By w17t (w17t) on

    is it the same font as fonts/spleen (spleen.pcf) from ports?


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