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Fuzzing the OpenBSD Kernel

Contributed by rueda on from the we got you covered dept.

Anton Lindqvist (anton@) gave a talk at BSD Users Stockholm Meetup #3 on the kernel coverage tracing kit he committed recently. Slides are now available via the OpenBSD Events and Papers page.

The slides contain a list of bugs found and fixed as a result of this work.

See also: kcov(4)

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  1. By Janne Johansson (jj) on

    One note from the presentation was that the bugs were found during the implementation and testing of the port of kcov with a small amount of vmm guests on his laptop, which means the list will certainly grow now when many more can run it in parallel.

    Also, several people volunteered hardware and/or resource donations in order to allow Anton (and/or the project) to run even more fuzzers, aiming for a more or less automated testing to be run everytime a kernel commit is done to see if it introduced new regressions.

    1. By Dominik Dalek (DominikD) on

      I hope people are donating electricity as well. ;-)

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