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X11 on really small devices

Contributed by Janne Johansson on from the 4k displays are overcompensating for something dept.

Patrick Wildt (patrick@) has been experimenting with small I2C and SPI-connected displays, and with this commit, it was enabled for armv7 and arm64 platforms as ssdfb(4) in -current.

One might think using a SPI-connected 128x64 pixel display would only be good for displaying small pieces of information like load or temperature or whatever some sensor would tell you, but this grew into a complete framebuffer which in turn allows you to run X11 against it, and that is what it ended up being. A complete "display".

I asked nicely and he agreed to make a short clip of how it looks when used together with X11 (and fvwm), so to see how the experience might be, download this clip and enjoy.

The driver needed a slight edit to support I2C on NanoPi Neo2, as seen here.

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